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January 23, 2014 / dcwisdom

The Reselling of America

Hey, Blogworld!  And all of my handful of friends who actually read this blog…thanks.

Not that I am any kind of expert in the field of economics (I’m not!), world politics (not here, either), or big business (far from it).  My only learning skill in these areas is observing, listening, and watching TV.  I remember a story told about my Uncle Bill, who’s long passed, that when he was a kid he read the entire set of encyclopedias and would sit on his Houston residential corner for hours watching city employees dig ditches and lay sewer and water lines.   From this story, I tried to teach my kids that it’s mostly beneficial to get your hands dirty, get out and make some choices, and learn from your mistakes, but that some things are better observed than experienced.  I could chase this rabbit forever, but I won’t.


A few days ago, Kid #5 Mary stopped her vehicle to yield for an ambulance and was squarely rear-ended by a young mom with two small children in the backseat and a trunk full of groceries.  I hate when that happens on both accounts, and all are well, thank the Lord.  Mary commented with much chagrin, “Why was the accident not my fault but it costs ME money, too?”  Such a good question.  Kid, life is not fair.  So yesterday, Mary and I car-shopped.

Like the old geezers say in that nasal-y twang ‘now back in my days…’   Don’t you remember when car buying was so much simpler?  You could walk on a corner lot, pick one, drive it, write a check, and drive away.  Dang!  Not so any more.  Now it’s credit checks, car fax, haggling, getting schmoozed – it’s such a process – and, man, they wanna know all your business!  He called Mary and me “reserved” for not detailing our lives to him.  Go figure.  So, in our sales talk with Dale Schmooz-Salesman, the stereotypical car sales rep (bless his heart), he said with his biggest, whitest smile, “Of course, this is the best time of year to buy, because everything is for sale, trade-in, and resell.  It’s tax refund season!”

What is tax refund season!?  I haven’t had one of those in years! 

Everything is for sale, trade-in, and resell, which prompted me to think about my observations about economics and business over the past few years.  I surmised:  Americans no longer own our country.  In my little hole in the wall and until recently, we didn’t have strangers who owned local businesses.  Historically, Americans valued land ownership, business ownership, patriotism, traditions, core family, and Christian values.

A few years back, I happened in a convenience store in this area and discovered a strict mos-man at the register, apparently the new owner, who never made eye contact with me or spoke to me, a paying customer.  I wanted to say “Listen, this is Texas!  We say howdy and y’all even if we don’t know each other, because we’re TEXANS!  You best use your best Southern manners or you’ll get a boot in your aff!”  (Later, I saw the store closed.)  The nail shops are owned by Vietnamese and Thais.  Chinese own the toll roads; French own chain stores.  Illegals own houses and store fronts, and, in some instances, cities, stacking people in and taking over businesses and city governments.

So from here, I could go on an uneducated and opinionated diatribe about the reselling of America; I mean, did you really expect me to jump off the deep end today?   Heck, no.

My purpose today is too simple:  to show you this – my purchases from American-owned places, Goodwill and Salvation Army, two of my favorite places to second-hand shop:


Love buying sacks of ribbon for $2.99!

and this…


Awesome thread buy – hundreds of thread dollars for $14.99!

After car shopping, I needed some fun shopping therapy.  I’d rather buy books, flower seeds, dishes, and pillows more than clothes and shoes.  Crazy, ain’t it?  It’s way cheaper, too.  I also found large soup bowls from Pier 1 for $1 each and bought all six.  I get such a tingle up my leg from buying resale stuff.

Listen, I know there are hundreds of reasons why our country is in the shape it’s in, but I won’t go there today.  Until my brain is ready to think heavy again, you’ll read my fluff – which doesn’t amount to much.  🙂

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America and have mercy on her.  God bless you, dear reader.


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  1. Debbie / Jan 23 2014 5:31 PM

    Don’t ask me. I live in the part of the country where Americans are just as rude as anyone else. I had a hard time getting used to it when I first left the south, though I know everyone isn’t that way up here. Within a couple of years I got meaner than they are. It’s a survival technique my hub says I surpassed the natives in. Wellllll…..good for me. As far as the immigrants and illegals go: It should tell us a lot about the countries these folks hail from, and make us wonder why we’re so eager to give up the good things we have. Jesus says the most important law of all is to ‘love thy neighbor’.
    I think we can forget that coming to fruition, and you can see where we’ve gone for want of it. It makes me all the more eager to try that instead of the ‘pitbull’ reaction.

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