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January 11, 2014 / dcwisdom

Coming Out of Hiding

Greetings to my blog world – long time readers and – *shock* – new readers!  Sometimes, I’m overwhelmingly amazed that even after hiding from you for two months, you still come around.  I am honored.  Thanks.

To update you, my 2013 autumn was extremely busy – thus very few posts.

  • Arranged, directed, and produced my church’s Christmas production.  Last July, my adult choir hosted a choral workshop with Choral Master Amon Baker from Arkansas, Bill Clinton’s Little Rock choir director.  (Did you know that Bill Clinton sings?!)  As a director, I was awesomely privileged to sit under Bro. Baker who has directed and conducted choirs throughout the US and tours in Europe.  Following Bro. Amon’s visit here, I hit the ground running toward Christmas, so I really feel like I Christmas’d for six months of 2013.  I literally spent hours listening to all genres of music for the right pieces to support my theme –  “The Prophesied Messiah:  The Glorious Impossible.”  Brin and I had a conversation two years ago about never having seen or heard  a Christmas production based solely on the Old Testament prophesies coupled with the New Testament fulfillment, so I developed a drama accompanied by fabulous music for my choir and cast of volunteers from my church.  All I can say is it was awesome!  Of course, never having done anything on this scale from scratch, I had no idea the hours it took.  Just like working full-time.  My cast and crew…I’m so proud of them!Image
  • And in the course of writing a drama score with music, I undertook MY FINAL COLLEGE COURSE!!!! which about ate my lunch!  Remember the dreaded college algebra class?  My very LAST class to take before graduation?  Yep, I really lost my marbles (almost) doing it.  In May, I signed up for the summer course at A&M, but for the first time EVER, the course didn’t make.  So, I scooted over the the local community college hoping to pick up the course, but I was too late to enroll.  My next choice was to sign up for the ONLY other course available – Summer Session II ONLINE!  So I did.  Yep, I did.  I went directly to my professor and told her my terrible, no good, sad story:  Haven’t had algebra since high school – 40 years ago – and I want to hurry and get it finished before fall because I don’t want to take algebra for an ENTIRE semester –  yuckblechthrowupinmymouth…  She looked at me and asked, “Are you ready for a challenge?”  I assured her I needed to just hurry and finish the dang thing and graduate!  Good Lord have mercy!  After 40 years, do I look like someone who wants to drag out college algebra – my very last class to graduate – and can’t [don’t want to] take it in the fall?  So, she said ok and introduced me to the math lab tutor.  Needless to say, it was the looooooonnnnnggggest five weeks in my life’s history!   Every waking hour, except for a few when I was searching for music, I immersed myself in numbers, formulas, tutoring (I had FIVE wonderful tutors and could not have made it without them!) —tortured myself— and finally pulled off my last college class with a 77!  And baby, was I ever happy with that grade!  (I can tell you lots of stories about these five weeks, but I’ll spare you any more details.  I know you’re relieved.)
  • After that was over, my darling Brin added another event to my life, and we planned and executed a beautiful November wedding.  Actually, I knew before August, but we’re such last minute planners here that we really didn’t have a plan until almost September.  (Check back a couple of posts.)  Rick and I are so happy for the young couple!
  • October and November was spent in drama rehearsals and choir preparation, plus attending to a kazillion script details which had to be fleshed out.  I had an awesome crew!  Also, my immediate family (15 of us) gathered to give God all glory and thanks for all His goodness to us in 2013.  I spent two days cooking for the feast and making great memories.
  • Drama came quickly after Thanksgiving in the first two weekends in December.  Craziness!
  • AND THIS SENIOR WOMAN WALKED ACROSS THE STAGE AND RECEIVED HER COLLEGE DIPLOMA IN DECEMBER.  I cannot begin to tell you how this entire college experience impacted me, but I can tell you that I’m glad it’s over.  Bucket list item – check!
  • But that’s not all!  My entire family – and I mean every last person – 39 of us! – gathered for Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus.  Image
  • Aren’t we a great looking group?!   Even if I say so myself.

So there you have it.  But hey, I want to show you what I built in a few spare moments last fall, for sanity’s sake – ImageMy very first keyhole garden!  Certainly-not-the-expert-in-keyhole-gardening-so-don’t-ask-me-any-questions, I got the idea from a friend of mine here in town who introduced me to this raised-bed gardening idea.  He builds his own –Image this is his – of course, so much nicer looking but which costs a good $250 to purchase.  Although his looks great and is certainly more pleasing to the eye, my cinder block garden was more cost efficient and will suit my purpose.  It’s hip-high, just the right height for gardening.  And I want another one, too, if anyone cares.  The bottom third is filled with undelivered phone books from the company that publishes the books (probably a good 400 books)*, and the remainder is compost*.  The basket holds my household compost – anything organic that will break down into compost – which will continue to feed the garden.  I will tell you that what I initially built was different, because my beloved husband came behind me and rearranged my keyhole.  He thought I needed more gardening space, and he added space by making my keyhole smaller.  Booger.  *sigh*  Nevertheless, I planted three bunches of onions this week.  I plan on adding lettuce and broccoli very soon. Image Now, wasn’t that fun?!  Can’t wait to see what happens this spring and summer with it!  I’ll keep you posted.  Oh, we also built a potato garden, but I’ll show you that later.

Rick and I are chainsawing fallen trees today.  He’s chomping at the bit to get going, so y’all come on out, and we’ll put you to work.  🙂

*The base of the keyhole garden is filled with large telephone books which eventually compost, making it greatly less expensive than buying truck loads of gardening soil.  We can buy a truck bed of good compost for $8 (yes, eight dollars a load) from the water utility company (minus human waste, of course).  They compost raw wood from fallen trees, chip it, and let it decompose to resell as compost and mulch.  Great way to build a garden or use for landscaping.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America and have mercy on her.  God bless you, dear reader.



  1. Sue G / Jan 21 2014 1:46 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!!!!!!! I can fully relate to the Algebra story. I had to take statistics to finish a degree and put it off. My husband assured he could tutor me, So much for that- he said that it reached his level of ability in week 2! I also got a 77, My first C but oh I was SOOOO thankful for it. Also took it online-big mistake.

    Thrilled to read of Brin’s marriage too!

    Oh, and you are a nice looking bunch! Happy New Year! Happy Gardening! Dreaming of my garden right now.

    • dcwisdom / Jan 23 2014 4:41 PM

      Thank you, Sue! Kudos to you for statistics and your 77! That’s funny about your husband! lol I have a young friend who just finished Calc 4 with an A. Not me! Algebra was enough! Yes, we’re very happy for Brin. 🙂

  2. Debbie / Jan 12 2014 7:32 AM

    You know all those times you thought the comments you were leaving weren’t coming through? Well, I got them all and only published the first. You’re so funny. I saw that you had posted yesterday and went to read it only to find that there was nothing there. Yes, blogger and wordpress weren’t working well for a time yesterday. I was glad to read your post this morning and see your pics. Lovely life, yours. 😀 I’m really proud of you! What a gal. And what a family. I know you’re really thankful. Hope the coming year brings all you need, and that you find it a little easier.

  3. Susan / Jan 11 2014 4:41 PM

    Congrats on getting your college diploma!!! Finally, heh? Are you still planning on writing that book about the dilemma of “older” adults applying for and being hired for jobs? Hope so….

    • dcwisdom / Jan 12 2014 12:46 AM

      Hey, Susan! Yes, finally! Thanks! 🙂 And yes, I’m gathering research. I need to do another post and get more stories – need LOTS of stories! I also have another paper started on the direction of church music – one of many papers I wrote in college. Maybe I should just write. What do you think?

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