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May 19, 2013 / dcwisdom

This Happens All the Time

Howdy, Friends…
The last post was…May 6? Where did time go? And I would really like to know this: How did the last 22 years pass so quickly? And how did my baby boy suddenly become a man? I know this happens all the time, but how did this happen to ME? I just blinked!
I stand continually amazed that God uses those who are willing to follow Him, any age, any color, any status. That God uses a man or a woman, boy or girl, who chooses to love God with all his heart and follow that narrow path to LIFE.
Several years ago, Sam came to Rick and me before his high school graduation saying that he wanted to attend Bible college instead of going the traditional route of higher education. As much as we tried to dissuade him and guide him into attending at least two years of community college to acquire his basics, my dear stubborn son shook his head and told us “no” (*gasp* Of all the nerve!). Adamantly, he told us, “Mom and Dad, I just truly believe God is telling me to attend CFNI (Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas) to be a minister.” I know that Sam, even in his teens, really prayed to the Lord, read his Bible (probably more than his school books), and loved God with his whole heart.
So, not wanting to stand in God’s way in Sam’s life, we blessed him and gave our permission. Not that Sam wanted our permission necessarily; I think Sam would have taken off on his own anyway, but it was nice to know that he wanted that blessing from us, which he received.
So, after his graduation last year and this May 7th, Sam was “ordained” as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He officially can minister from cradle to grave, how about that! I can’t tell you how honored I feel that God chose one of my babies for His purpose. And now I have a personal minister to preach my funeral – someday – and I know he’ll tell some whoppers on me. Believe me, I deserve them.
Since then, I’ve done some major sleeping and acquired a good rhythm again, getting ready for that last class this summer. I decided to treat myself better in the sleep department. I never really felt the effects of sleep deprivation until lately and have gained some wisdom through a few foggy/groggy experiences, all self-imposed. Sometimes, it takes me a while…
Ohhhhhhh… some good friends and I met yesterday (Saturday) in Jefferson, Texas, for some girl time, and what a time we had! Debbie from ofhispasture and Vickie from sandflatfarm, and Mona from Pekin laughed and shopped, had a boat ride, and shared pies with a stranger, and I can’t wait to share some of our day with you!
Peace and love. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. God bless Israel. God help America and have mercy on her.



  1. Debbie / May 28 2013 11:24 AM

    I am also proud of your son, and of you and Rick for deciding way back to do things right. I had a great time meeting you and I’m also proud to call you my friend. Can’t wait to share pics!
    Love Deb

  2. Vickie / May 21 2013 8:44 PM

    SOOOO proud of your son, Debbie! Not many of us are called like that and I’m thankful that Sam heard and heeded that call from the Lord. He’s already shown himself to be a dedicated and soul-loving young man. I know y’all are proud of him as well!

    Jefferson was a hoot! Getting my photos together – bet Chiclet got some good ‘uns on her camera – will send mine! Love ya, Gib!

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