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April 23, 2013 / dcwisdom

Winding Down the Semester – Already!

Hey, Fellow Blog Groupies!  Those of you who are still coming over…I’m not officially AWOL.  I’m trying to knock out this last big semester before finishing this bucket list item – my BAAS.  I have enough hours to have my masters, but I’m not there yet.  Along with a spring wedding, yard work, family events, moving a kid, and a couple of additional plate lunches for me, the action never stops.  I love this life, and it keeps moving on me…with me…sometimes against me…but always moving…as it does with you, too.

I’m engaged in writing the biggest paper ever written…by me.  It’s turning into a monster.  My instructor gave me free choice of topic, and I chose to write about cultural influences on church music and the direction that church music is taking.   It’s a subject that is very interesting to me since I have a lifetime background in church music and music training.  I’ll complete my paper with the info I have and continue to expand it with more surveys and, hopefully, find someone who will publish it – denominational periodicals, church music magazines, etc.  The information is just too good NOT to share.

In January, I was asked by my church pastors to direct the church music and church choir.  I consider it an honor.  My choir is awesome!  Just awesome people who are so gifted and talented.  They challenge me every week, and I’m already struggling to keep up with them.  They’re race horses!  Coming up this summer:  a music “encounter” (a more exciting word than “workshop,” and it suggests more than just hard work).  Doesn’t a music encounter sound like fun?  I’m trying to come up with a catchy title.  Suggestions?

Things are a-changing!  I need to double up on my vitamins and get back on Couch-to-5K.  Yeah, that didn’t last long, but I can see the great benefits of it.  🙂  I may make my body get up and do it, still.  May.  In May.  After May.  Next May.  And may-be not.  I’m pathetic.

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America and have mercy on her.


  1. Layne / Apr 23 2013 6:25 PM

    You’re so funny. And I’d love to see your “paper” published. I’m sure it’s awesome.

    • dcwisdom / Apr 23 2013 6:55 PM

      I’ll send you a copy, Layne. 🙂

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