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February 8, 2013 / dcwisdom

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Prayer Breakfast Speech

This year’s National Prayer Breakfast speech from Dr. Benjamin Carson, the Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, is one of the most patriotic, non-politically correct, persuasive speeches I’ve ever heard.  Watch Obama’s reaction at the end.  (Speech is 25 minutes long but well worth the watch.)


Have a safe and beautiful weekend.



  1. Anonymous / Feb 17 2013 1:39 PM

    If you like nice comments then you must really dislike the comment above. I voted for Obama. I didn’t hear anything anti-Obama in the doctor’s remarks. Guess it all depends on how eager you are to condemn our duly elected president.

    • dcwisdom / Feb 18 2013 1:17 AM

      By “nice,” I mean clean. Maybe I should clarify that word for some people. Thanks for being clean. However, most remarks Carson made are diametrically opposed to Obama’s plan for America, even though O will tell listeners the opposite. O’s plans are to bring America to her knees through Obamacare. Carson doesn’t agree.

  2. Cheryl L / Feb 8 2013 11:50 AM

    POTUS was not pleased at all. In fact, his arrogant snout was in the air for much of the entire speech. After his brief, obligatory applause at the end, I noticed he and Michelle were the first ones back in their seats while everyone else continued to stand and applaud the wise Dr.’s words.

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