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January 7, 2013 / dcwisdom

Suite Life at the Cotton Bowl

One of the highlights of my life (really) was this trip to the 2013 Cotton Bowl where the Texas A&M Aggies WHOOPED the OU Sooners!

1-DSC_0307What a game!  What an experience!  Not only was “Johnny Football” Manziel (Aggie quarterback) THE force behind the team, but the senior line was awesome!  And I loved the style of no huddle between plays.  The timing kept the fans interested and the Sooners off their game of substituting players which wore the defense out!  The game was tremendously exciting!

1-DSC_0312And isn’t Johnny Manziel the cutest kid quarterback ever?!  And he’s 20 years old – just had his birthday!  Until two weeks before the first game, A&M had not named a quarterback, but Johnny Manziel won the spot, and as a FRESHMAN set conference records and secured the Heisman Trophy, normally awarded to college seniors going into the professional football world.  The only way I can explain his playing is to compare him to a squirrel in the roadway.  He darted this way and that way and this way and finally scampered into the end zone for a touchdown.  He was phenomenal!

Now, on to the interesting part…

Lawdy, have mercy!  Now I know how the rich live, and boooooy, is it nice!

SAMSUNGWe are blessed, first of all, to be Aggies!   It was totally an Aggie brother-in-law deal, and I want to mention that I’ll soon be a proud A&M grad, so maybe they’ll consider a sister-in-law deal sometime in the future.  All four of us girls married Aggies.

1-DSC_0229Actually, I’m fortunate to have an Aggie brother-in-law who’s fortunate enough to have access to his company’s 50-yard-line luxury suite at Jerry’s World (Cowboy Stadium) – the absolute BEST seats in the stadium.  Literally.

1-DSC_0231 I’ve always wondered about people who sit in suites, haven’t you?  How did they get there?  What do they do?  Who do they know?  And the biggest question:  I wonder what the company paid for the best suite in Cowboy Stadium?  Wow!

1-DSC_0232We parked in the nearest lot (Blue Lot 1) and walked only several yards into the stadium where only the suite people enter – a few more steps and down a flight of stairs to a floor that only the suite people enter.  I’m not sure how many suites there are, but each suite can seat about 25 people.  Each suite has its own personal assistant who acts as maid/butler/concierge.  Whatever a suite guest needs or wants, it is provided.

1-DSC_0233Across the hallway from the suite entrance is a ginormous dining hall and buffet with several gourmet food stations and bar.  Every suite guest wore a hospital-like bracelet to enter, and we could go in as often as we wanted.  It ain’t your everyday food, either.  No, sirree!  No Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC here!  Prime rib, fried chicken, turkey rolls with spinach/herb filling, gourmet pizza, dips, olive rolls, desserts, the best mac and cheese I ever put in my mouth, including my mother-in-law’s…

1-DSC_0234They served two menus:  the first half of the game was more dinner fare; the second half of the game was more snack fare, and all extraordinary.

1-DSC_0276Inside the suite was our own buffet of gourmet hot dogs and condiments, mac and cheese, full kitchen of drinks, cookies, coffee, etc.

1-DSC_0275 To escape the game noise, we sat inside the suite and watched the game on three televisions.  The front of the suite was open to the stadium so we could fully experience the game, noise, cheers, half-time bands and dancers, etc.

1-DSC_0244And speaking of half-time, Aggie Band was in excellent form as always!

1-DSC_02501-DSC_0288 OU Band was great, too!

1-DSC_0293Kilgore Rangerettes are forever one of the best collegiate drill (dance) teams in America.

1-DSC_0244We girls had a great time yelling and clapping and took it all in.  Sitting this low in the stadium, my eardrums were literally pounding and vibrating with all the noise that I stuffed napkin pieces in my ears for protection.

1-DSC_0264My beautiful sisters and (could be a sister) friend enjoying the game…

1-DSC_0265Look at all the fans!

1-DSC_0266Here, too…

1-DSC_0267And Jerry was in his box, so it was reported.

1-DSC_0258I added “Jerry’s Box,” in case you think otherwise, so you can know where he sits.  His box is the only private box on the visitor’s side under the game clock.

1-DSC_0274The view from the suite’s kitchen…

1-DSC_0298A view of Ford’s advertising in the end zone…

1-DSC_0313And, finally, a group picture that a lovely fan agreed to take for us, just so’s you know I didn’t Photoshop anything.  Ha!

I didn’t see anybody famous,  although I looked, but I felt just a hint of celebrity status.

Thank you, Danny and LuAnn, for a wonderful, memorable time at the Cotton Bowl!  It was fabulous!


  1. Vickie / Jan 13 2013 11:18 AM

    OK, so I think I hate you. You went to the game. AND you had the best seats in the house. I hate you even more. Tony and I could kick ourselves for not going. After the game started and we were glued to the TV, he turned to me and said , ” WHY DID WE NOT GO TO THE GAME?””””””

    THIS was the THE year to go. I’m so ashamed.

    Neat that all you gals married Aggies. Is there anything else?


    OK, so I guess I forgive you. I’m sorta glad you got to go. I’m slightly glad that you got such great seats and got to eat such lovely food.


    Love you friend!

    • dcwisdom / Jan 13 2013 6:25 PM

      Yeah, it was either a suite or the nosebleed section… Suite…nosebleed…gee, what a choice. Just kidding. Like I tell my kids, “It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.” And it’s so true.
      Love ya, too, Chickie.

  2. / Jan 13 2013 7:54 AM

    This is living the highlife!! I’ve wondered what it was like inside those suites. I’d make myself sick eating! LOL! Enjoyed hearing about this and as for the reading test… disappointing. Like so many things to do with the way our country is going. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    • dcwisdom / Jan 13 2013 6:36 PM

      Tanna, I couldn’t pass it either. 😦 Actually, the key to the reading test is as follows:
      Them are ducks.
      Them are not.
      Yes they are. See them wings?
      Well I’ll be.
      Them are ducks.

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