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December 22, 2012 / dcwisdom

“Because It’s Texas!”

Rick and I attended a meeting Thursday night with our Texas State Representative George Lavender.  I’ve met Rep. Lavender a handful of times, and he’s an honest, hard-working, straight-shooting man – a guy who listens, responds, and cares about folks and issues in my neck of the woods.

Lavender spoke of the growth in Texas – 1400 people per day entering Texas.  That’s a whopping half-million, new Texans a year!   In fact, one man in the meeting said that he recently moved to Texas from Arkansas.  When asked why he moved across the border, he exclaimed, “Because it’s Texas!”

I live in the welcoming northeast corridor and on a major highway, travel it everyday, and notice the terrific increase in traffic.  Observing the license plates, I’ve seen vehicles from Kentucky, Alaska, Illinois, California, Florida, Michigan just in the last week.  Could be holiday travelers as well, but I wonder how many come permanently to the Lone Star State.

Another issue Lavender addressed is the bill he’ll introduce in the 2013 legislature – the open-carry gun bill.  Most fellow citizens I visit with are very much in favor of this bill, and Lavender believes the bill will pass well into law.  Texans are well-known and passionate for independence from government tyranny and control.  We also think that the fewer federal controls we have, the more productive we remain.  Even though we have our problems, we like to deal with them ourselves and keep our options open, but liberty and freedom stay at the forefront of our beings.

And speaking of gun control, several of us visited last night ’round the table and reminisced the back-when stories…remembering those days when things were so different.  We remembered when Texans carried shotguns and rifles on gun racks in the back windows of their pick-ups, loaded, windows down in the parking lots, doors unlocked, and nobody, but nobody, gave the situation another thought.  It was just our way.  Boys, and some girls, hunted whatever was in season before the school day started and took off as soon as the last school bell rang to the woods or to the fields and hunted til sundown.  Those guns never shot anybody.  Nobody grabbed firearms out of the trucks and headed into the schools or businesses with evil intentions.

Because, you see, it’s not the gun’s fault for shooting anybody.  (Hence, my earlier post link from Galganov.)  Guns are not scary; it’s the people using them.  So, some people say get rid of the guns, and nobody will ever get shot again.  Murder will still occur by other means, because it’s not the guns.

Chicago, Illinois, have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.  Yet, 446 school children have been shot in 2012.  Have you heard this statistic?  Probably not, since the liberal media has neglected to report it.  Strict gun laws have not prohibited the murder of school  children.  Because, again, it’s not the guns.

Think about this:  Whoever has guns has control.  Nobody wins a knife fight when someone brings a gun.  If a robber comes to your house and you’re not armed, who wins?  In societies without arms, who controls?  Not only do they control you, they control everything – your food sources, your freedom of movement, your ability to protect yourself or your family.

Who controlled the Jews in World War II?  Even if you’re peaceful, you still need protection from those who want to control peaceful people, because there are always those who want absolute control.

We Texans like our options.  Freedom.

Peace and love.  Comfort and joy.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel. God help America.



  1. tanna / Dec 27 2012 7:04 AM

    Amen. Chicago just had another round of it… see how their gun control is helping them. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2013, Debbie!! blessings ~ tanna

  2. jmgoyder / Dec 22 2012 7:39 PM


  3. Vickie / Dec 22 2012 7:00 PM

    Yes, ma’am – and you used to could go into a gun store and buy a gun without a background check, too. Our way of life is guns – I grew up in a hunting family and our boys are continuing that tradition. And our girl. We’re not dangerous. Just hunters and protectors if need be. That’s all. Let’s hear it for Texas! The Lone Star State!!!

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