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August 23, 2012 / dcwisdom

In Progress: APL Renovations

I recently forced my brain to take a little sabbatical.  After 18-months of non-stop college classes, this old brain begged for a time out, and if I hadn’t relented, she would have rebelled, sending me into apathetic space right here at the beginning of fall semester.  So, brain is taking advantage of the last few days before school starts Monday, but body hurdled into full-blown overdrive.

Back in February, I took the reigns of the city library’s advisory board.  Actually, I was coerced into the position, but I accepted it, nonetheless.  Our public library operates in the old post office building, a historical building with two floors and a basement.  When our current director was hired a few years back, she updated the drab, scary, dark basement into a bright, colorful underwater theme with a treasure chest (of books) and mermaids, submarine, sharks, and underwater scenes painted on the walls by a very talented local artist, and with conches and fish nets and other sea trinkets placed strategically on walls and book shelves.  It’s a very cool kids’ section which won a few state library awards.

Also, our second floor was renovated to house our very large collection of genealogy books and the non-fiction section.  However, the main floor only saw touches of change.  Since my initial involvement with our library, my eyes have been on the conference room and kitchen and how hideous the area is.  Was.  Now that it’s my turn at the advisory board wheel, this is my contribution:  Conference room/kitchen make-over!  For a week, I disengaged my scholastic mind and engaged the creative juices.  What fun!  But, o me achin’ body.

We sweated, grunted, groaned, pulled up carpet and grabbed the brushes!  Our helpers range from age 4 to 74, or beyond.  (See Camp and his big sister Emma with their rollers.  Camp and Emma were GREAT painters!  We were so impressed!)  I had a very bad hair day, so if you are examining this picture of me, close your eyes now and think of your favorite beautiful person.  Thank you.

The wall paint is Benjamin Moore’s Folk Art – a great backdrop for the art work.  What do you think of the tangerine doors (BM’s Copper Kettle)?  We already had very positive responses to the tangerine doors from both children and adults.  They love this color!  Yes, this room says “Welcome” and will showcase our framed READ posters and black and white photos.  (I’ll post those later.)

We have contractors coming to bid on staining the concrete floor.  On both sides of the kitchen door, new white cabinetry will be installed for storage and work space.  Behind me, a new media center is coming.  When this room is complete, we move our efforts to the kitchen and back entrance to the building.
















The State of Texas cut funding to many state-supported programs, like your local library if you live in Texas.  Directors and supporters now have to work creatively to keep staff, purchase new materials, maintain buildings, and fund programs.  Also, the internet and electronic readers directly affect the flow of public patronage.  Some library directors and boards are stepping up to the plate searching for grants, benefactors, and new ideas to keep libraries relevant and central in community education.  Many smaller Texas libraries are cutting staff, hours, and might eventually close their doors.

Hence, this summer’s DIY efforts.  We are bringing the library’s historical home into the 21st century on a budget and with no state funding!  I’ll post a finished project soon.

Being the big reader that I am and besides class texts, my summer reading list included:

  • Killing Lincoln (Bill O’Reilly)
  • Michael Vey (Richard Paul Evans)
  • The Seven Habits of High Effective Teens (Sean Covey)
  • Leadership Coaching (Tony Stoltzfus)
  • The Body (Charles Colson)

Changing the subject, ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE?  If not, please register quickly and make your voice known in the coming election.  Among many others, I really believe that this election is of utmost importance to our nation’s direction and to our civil rights.  We must act on our Constitutional privilege and vote our convictions and values.   Beyond our votes, our prayers of repentance and for healing should be boldly heard in The Throne Room of The Most High God.  We can’t save ourselves.  We must have God’s Help.

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America.