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June 30, 2012 / dcwisdom

Day 3: Couch-to-5K and She’s Gone!

Yesterday (Friday) was Day 3.  I dragged myself out of bed – stiff and sore.  I did my stretches before and after walking/jogging, but a 56-year-old body requires more than stretching, apparently, especially since I sat on the couch for such a long time prior to starting the program this week.  Actually, I sat more at my desk than the couch.  I should request that the program be renamed Desk-to-5K.

The act of outdoor exercise is certainly unattractive  for me because of the fact that the heat in Texas is stifling.  This week at 7:30 a.m., the heat hit the 82 degree mark on the thermometer; add a good amount (maybe 75%) of humidity to the temp, and it was plain hard to breathe.   Add to that moving directly from desk sitting to walking/jogging/walking/jogging/etc. for 30 minutes, and add to that my old age, and to that I had to soak my feet…

I can hear you saying,   Stop whining…oh boohoohoohoo… You chose to do this…Nobody made you do it…

Except that I just feel like whining, and I normally am NOT a whiner.  In addition to everything aching except my ear lobes, I’m allowing myself some whine time because my littlest bird flew the coop today.  Kid #5 Mary is gone and into other digs with a roomie.  Letting boys go is good, but letting my last little chickadee fly is almost unbearable.  After 33 years of having children in the house, my little one is gone.

However, the nest isn’t empty yet.  Kid #3 Jeremiah is still hanging around.  I suspect he’ll be here for another few months, and then he’ll be gone, too.  He has definite plans, but the next six months, he’s still mine.   He passed through a few moments ago and said, “Gosh, I feel like an only child.”  I asked him, “Well,  how does that feel?”  Said the middle child, “Not too good.  I don’t like it.”   Jeremiah’s normally not at home on a Saturday night, but the Texas Rangers played earlier, and Sam and Emily were here, so we all had family night with the Rangers and Blue Bell Ice Cream.  The Rangers also won their 50th game this season.  Awesome!

Thank you for letting me whine on your shoulder.  You have a great shoulder!  XO

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America.



  1. marylou55 / Jul 1 2012 6:27 PM

    I have printed off the instructions for couch to 5K more times than I care to admit. Have I done this? NO! But I’ll be watching your progress and cheering you on from my couch.

    • dcwisdom / Jul 1 2012 6:50 PM

      Thank you, Mary. I need all the rahrahs that I can get! Tomorrow, Day 4!!! I’m just proud of myself for making it this long! I really want to see if this works. And I’m going to reward myself with a new pair of those fancy-schmancy, multicolored shoes that are $130 a pair – the price of a gym membership. 🙂

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