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June 7, 2012 / dcwisdom

My Beloved Joan Rivers

My precious Joan Rivers is in recovery after another $700 face lift.

After her umpteenth trip to the vehicle hospital, she’s ready to ride again.  Marty the Man told me Joan Rivers is ready for another 200,000 miles.  Ride like the wind, old girl!

I love this old girl.  We have such a love story, she and I.

You know how guys love their first cars?  Yeah…That’s the way I feel about Joan Rivers.  She and I go way back, and if anything ever happens to her, I’ll cry.  Really.

Joan Rivers and I have hauled everything:  New babies, tons of teenagers, old folks, furniture, lawnmowers, water fountains…you name it.  It’s probably been in Joan Rivers’ back end.  (Uh, don’t go there.)

She’s been to at least eleven states.  She visited all the big name parking lots:  The Ballpark, Jerry’s World, the Six Flags Over Texas, Wet ‘n Wild, and the Wax Museum.  She pulled through plenty of windows – McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Sonic Drive-in, Dairy Queen.  You name it.  Joan Rivers’ has driven through it.

Joan Rivers has even been through hail and back.

See why I love her?

Her scars don’t bother me.  Poor thing.  I sideswiped a tree (yes, I did), backed into a tree (yup), and backed into the same tree (sigh).  One of the kids backed into a mailbox.  I weaved through the railroad track arms (a train was nary in sight) and scratched her virgin side.  But, she’s beautiful on the inside, except for one or two dings.  She still rides like a dream.

I love her.

These are the things I ponder on Bummer Days.

God help me.




  1. Debbie / Jun 7 2012 6:30 AM

    I’m speechless! 😀

    • dcwisdom / Jun 7 2012 9:07 AM

      I rendered you speechless? Amazing!

  2. jmgoyder / Jun 7 2012 12:22 AM

    You are hilarious!

    • dcwisdom / Jun 7 2012 12:35 AM

      I’m a squirrel.

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