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June 1, 2012 / dcwisdom

Now I Can Be Taken Seriously

I’m tellin’ you now — take me seriously.

Birthdays change everything.  When I turned 13, I collected $28 in birthday cash and thought I was rich.  When I turned 18, I expected something magical to happen.  It didn’t.  When I turned 30, ugh.

Yesterday was my 29th birthday – again.  Twenty-nine plus a few.  Several. Ok… More than several, but who’s counting.  And more importantly, how did that happen?

[So, Kid #2 Rich, who turned 26 last week, is the hilarious card and gift giver.  His hilarity shines through in his giving.  Thanks, Richy.  Mommy loves you!  X]

I had a wonderful yesterday.  After registering for my summer classes, me mom and I drove into Texarkana wanting to see a light and fun comedy at the movie theatre, but nothing was offered in the fun vein.  Instead, we had lunch at the Cobbler Shoppe (reubens with cream of squash and tortilla soups, bread pudding and cream cheese pie – Lord help us!  Thanks, Mom, it was delicious!)  One of our favorite things to do is drive around the old neighborhoods and look at landscaping and decorating ideas.  We found a two gorgeous fences I’d love to re-create on my property.  (I left my camera at home.)  In years past, Rick and I bought houses in that area to renovate,  so Mom and I scouted out the houses and were pleased to see that the owners are kind to the old ladies.  If I ever move to the city, I’m moving into that neighborhood.

I wanted to run to Payless Shoes and look for sandals.  Shoes are so seasonal, and styles are so quick to change that I never pay much for shoes, but I found two cute pairs on sale.  With a 20% birthday coupon and a $10 contribution from Mom, I paid $20 and saved $32.  Pretty good for seasonal shoes.

Early evening, Kid #5 Mary treated me to dinner at Luigi’s Italian where we had veal and artichokes in wine sauce, tortellini, and awesome tiramisu.  (Oh, Lord, help me again, and thanks, sweet Mary.  I love the time spent with you.)  At home, Mary and I picked a few plums from the trees, and a few more loved ones arrived for (more) ice cream cake, cards and gift opening.

I’m still stuffed, so I’m good until Rick comes home.  He and I have birthday dinner plans and maybe some shopping.  Brin said that yesterday was the beginning of my birthday week.  To her, all birthday parties should last a week.  In my family, one day to celebrate a birthday is just not enough.

You can take me seriously now.  Ya hear?




  1. Debbie / Jun 2 2012 6:04 AM

    This is funny….our birthdays are just days apart. Mine is the 10th. We could string this out of a month if we wanted to! 😀 Happy Birthday giblet!

    • dcwisdom / Jun 2 2012 10:21 AM

      And we should. Why not? Let’s meet in KC and string it out. Happy Birthday, Dear One, early. I marked you on my calendar.

  2. LexoKat / Jun 2 2012 2:57 AM

    Happy Birthday! Keep it up with the great posts!

    • dcwisdom / Jun 2 2012 10:22 AM

      Thanks, Lex. You, too.

      • LexoKat / Jun 2 2012 2:30 PM

        Thank you!

  3. jmgoyder / Jun 1 2012 8:13 PM

    Many happy returns, young thing!

    • dcwisdom / Jun 2 2012 10:59 AM

      I’m leaving young, although many days I’m still 29. Figure that.

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