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March 17, 2012 / dcwisdom

On the last day (boohoo) of Spring Break, this is what I did…

Oh, friends, don’t get all excited.  Yesterday was pretty much a non-mental/physical event.  However, I did clean the house.

For this college senior-senior, this week was the first not-real Spring Break I had in 30 years.  Noted:  the first not-real Spring Break.  It’s only a not-real Spring Break if the student has a mid-term at the end, like moi.  Bummer.  I remember the feeling all too well now.  It’s like being out on jail bail anticipating the trip back in.  NOT that I’ve seen the inside of a jail, but it must be a relative feeling.  I had the anticipation of a mid-term hanging over my head all week.  It may not be such a big deal, but the prof only gives two exams all semester, and I’m past being the “C” student I was 30+ years ago.  I’m just a bit nervous, and I’m such a pansy.

Did you get all that?  Kinda like this picture:

This was my dad’s form of art humor.  The original hung in his office for many years and now hangs above my desk.  Pick a day, and I’m either character.

Last year’s Spring Break wasn’t the same.  2011 was my re-entry into the world of college after 28 years, and my brain was in re-train/re-think/re-everything mode with no mid-term exam.  Huge life change and adjustment!  Like I said, I’m such a pansy.

Not that I’m incapable of readjustment.  Change feels more difficult as one ages, and I’m getting a taste of aging at double-nickel.  The body and mind tire of the lightning-speed pace of change and require more energy to adjust.   Maybe that’s why my grandparents and parents fished so much – to avoid the need to change, to remove themselves from the pace, to ease the mind and soul.  (I could go into something political here, but I’ll spare you today.)

Spring Break’s purpose is to remove the mind from mid-terms and pressures of grades, I guess.  Well, it didn’t work this year.  I’m such a pansy.  I should have been on South Padre this week.  Bummer.  Think I’ll go fishing today.

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America.


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  1. Vickie / Mar 20 2012 9:41 AM

    Everything’s harder at double-nickel, isn’t it? I’m so proud of you for following your heart and finishing up your degree – you are one smart lady! I did go back to school and got what I wanted out of it, but I have no desire to finish. Two year associate degree and another 5 semesters of Spanish and origin of language. Now, I want to learn things on my own, and paint, and garden – Oh YES, I do wanna keep learning – just on my own. I miss you.

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