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March 14, 2012 / dcwisdom

On the second day of Spring Break…What kind of house can you buy with $1400?


Once again, this blog is the epitome of THRILL!

No, I didn’t lie on the beach today with the latest John Gresham novel.  Nor did I play sand volleyball with the ripped hottees.  No, I saw what $1400 can buy!  Yes, ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS bought this house!  $1400 bought a three bedroom, one bath house!

As I wrote earlier, Kid#4 Sam and his lovely wife, Emily, are moving home from Dallas (school) in May.  Em’s parents purchased this house from the local school district on bid and situated it on a pretty semi-wooded lot.  Em is a chef and has a full kitchen of gadgets, cutlery, appliances, and dishes and wants the kitchen finished when they move, so Em and I started re-staining the kitchen cabinets today.

This is the “before” picture.  Today (Tuesday), all the upper cabinets are in the staining process using a 4-step kit.

For some reason, the front half of the house has no dividing walls.   Em’s dad used it for storage for a while.  Now, the newlyweds will have their first house-nest.  They’re excited.

Sam, in his Texas attire, proved to be a good son-in-law by performing back-breaking tasks like shoveling.  It’s good to see young people doing something productive!

Sweet Em and her dad.  In his eyes, this girl hung the moon!

I wish I had a DVD of the beach, the water, the waves, the gulls…   Wish I were there, sitting on my beach towel, listening to the surf, getting blistered, studying for my Texas gov exam…playing beach volleyball with the ripped hottees…  *sigh*

Peace and love.


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  1. debsladybugtexas / Mar 14 2012 12:07 PM

    that is just too awesome..what a deal for the young couple…

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