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March 9, 2012 / dcwisdom

Spring Break 2012

If, per chance, you are visiting this blog in hopes of finding beach pictures with bikini-clad 20-somethings or ripped hottees, sorry, you’re out of luck.  Any more, the beach has lost its spring break draw for me.  Not that I ever went there on spring break…  Oh, I did maybe twice, down to South Padre…years and years and years ago.  The buzz around campus this week had little to do with mid-terms but with beach party convos.  South Padre will swarm and buzz.

Of course, Genius (remember him – my gov prof?) genuinely thought (ha) that his students want to stay in their dorm rooms and study for his mid-term on Monday after the break.  Uh, no.  Yet, they’ll (I’ll) be sitting on the beaches (in my Lazy Boy) studying six Texas Constitutions.  The prof made it abundantly clear that he means business.  And I found out that he’s into Civil War reenactment.  He makes me laugh.

Duh on me.  Yesterday, my brain finally registered what Genius wants on all these book reports I’m writing.  And, sister, I’m going to give it to him.  I’m just sorry it took me half the semester to figure it out.  Double-nickel brains take a little longer.  *sigh*  I never thought I’d be writing book reports in college, but I’m rather liking the exercise.  (Heck, I never even foresaw I’d go back to college at my age!)  Genius is going to get A BOOK REPORT!  Maybe I’ll attach the next one for you to read.  (Don’t be afraid…It’s one page, double-spaced, covering FOUR chapters of some Texas history and politics.  It’s fairly interesting actually.)

My first truncated (half-semester) course is finished!  I feel good about the final and think I’ll come out with an A.  It’s like taking a winter or summer class, very short and concentrated.  But, hooray!  Another course is finished.  I’ll start another truncated course (mass communications) after the break.  I’m really looking forward to this class.

I’m dumping spring break beach parties this year…(like I would really go…like Rick would let me go…he should be afraid…)

…to rake the yard and chick sit and visit with Kid #4 Sam and his lovely wife, Em.  Funny.  When the college kids marry, they don’t run to the beach at spring break.  They run home.  With good reason this year.  Sam and Em plan to leave Dallas after graduation in May and move home.  They’ll be doing some renovation work on a country house, and then, I’ll have all my little chicks fairly close around my rapidly emptying nest.

The little chicks in the picture are Brin’s.  She bought twenty-four.  Three chicks got pasty-butt, but Brin acts like a mama hen and cleans their little bottoms so they won’t constipate and die.  Here’s a suggestion:  If you ever want to axe the television cable bill (What’s really worth watching, except maybe The Bachelor?), buy some chicks.  They are more entertaining.

So darn cute!  I always wanted some chickens.  I think I may have to get some.  Somebody, give me some chicken education!

I’ll try my darndest to write again next week during my spring break.  I really want to go see my little Chickie-Vickie (at Sand Flat Farm) and maybe take my little Tara friend (at New Day New Season) and have a little spring break rendezvous.  I think that’s definitely in the plan.

Happy Spring Break!

Peace and love.  God bless you.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America.




  1. marylou55 / Mar 11 2012 7:01 PM

    I love seeing what you are up to. I certainly don’t envy the schoolwork!

  2. Sue Giachero / Mar 10 2012 5:55 AM

    Happy Break! Enjoy the chicks. I have always wanted chicks but in a romantic, fresh eggs kind of way. Not so sure I am up to wiping chick butts and not so sure my neighbors would be thrilled with my choice of pets…but maybe if I share the eggs….

  3. Rayanne (@alovelythought) / Mar 9 2012 3:57 PM

    Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by, I always love your visits! I’ve been under the weather with Fibromyalgia. So I have not been posting much.I’m better but sometimes it just takes the wind out of me.
    Have a happy weekend!

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