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February 4, 2012 / dcwisdom

Saturday Morning Basketball

My family’s love of sports comes naturally.  My dad was a high school coach in my very youngest years, so I was reared at the football fields and the gymnasiums and smelly boys’ locker rooms where he coached.  My favorite place is the gym.  I still love the sounds of screeches of sneakers against the wooden floor, the bounce-bounce-bounce of the basketball, the horn that calls time-outs and quarter-ends, and the shrill of the whistles.  Plus, it’s indoors and climate controlled.

There may not be anything as down-right funny as watching little boys and girls play sports.  [The #4 dribbler is my grandson Kaleb, and my granddaughter, Madisen, is the budding photographer who snapped this picture.  She’s 7 and the boss.]

I recall so many days and nights of sports activities when my kids were young.  T-ballers are the most hilarious – hitting the baseball off a T and then barreling down third-base line.  The coaches yelled and yelled “run to first base,” and those little kids just kept running counter.  Reminded me of Forrest Gump.

Basketball is just too funny.  Every boy ran full speed to the court’s end and stopped.  One little guy ran and bounced, evidently more coordinated than most, barreled through the crowd standing under the goal, and shot and missed.  An opponent rebounded the ball and shot, hit the goal, and made two points for the other team.  Eventually, they learn.

What a cool kid!  Hey, Kaleb, give me your game face!

Man, I’d be afraid!

Below, I copied a reply by Sue about the Florida primary and the differences between the Romney and Gingrich camps.  Sue, I hope you don’t mind, but I was intrigued by your description.

Enjoying a relaxing morning here on vacation in Florida and peeped on over to your place. Saw Newt on Sunday. What a dynamic speaker! No notes, no teleprompter! Mitt was here last night but did not go and watch him. He is too plastic for me. Did walk through the town square an hour before he spoke and was struck by how dull his crowd was. We arrived 2 hours before Newt and the crowd was large already and chatty and energized. Interesting that the management here (The Villages in Florida) obviously supports Mitt as the venue they let him speak at was nicer and they set up for it big time. They had food vendors (and open bars) everywhere. Funny thing is, there was no one in line! Newt was in a parking lot by a book store and the crowds were phenomenal and it was hot and vendors would have raked in the money had they been there. Also evident that Mitt has money- they had huge tv screens for viewing in addition to seeing him on the dais. You had to have a ticket to get in close. No tickets needed for Newt- just a parking lot and people sitting and standing (my estimates around 4000 there but the paper did not concur although those there with me did) Sadly money usually wins. No one is perfect and none of these candidates are BUT they are at least much better options than what we have now. I fear another 4 years of O and pray that Americans will have the wisdom to not allow that to happen.

If YOU don’t want another four years of O, you’ll have to get out and vote for the other candidate, like him or not.  This is not an election where anyone can refuse to vote.  Just do it.

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America.



  1. Vickie / Feb 7 2012 10:37 AM

    Oh yeah – you’ve got some cute little grandkids there! And their mama is just gorgeous!

  2. Vickie / Feb 7 2012 10:36 AM

    Wow, this brought back memories! My middle son Josh, used to pick flowers – he was a goalie for soccer. He got bored so off he’d go… Adam also was a goalie – he just liked to hang from the goal. T-ball was fun, too. How many balls rolled past our kids while in the outfield!!! Hayley was more focused on sports and then cheer. Funny memories. Yeppers, must vote this year. We always do. This year it’s probably going to be vote for the lesser of two evils, unfortunately.

    Hope school’s going well! And yes, I’d love to see you – I miss ya! Let’s see what we can work out!

  3. tanna / Feb 6 2012 6:51 AM

    Oh, Debbie, I loved seeing your grands! They are so cute and I remember the sports activities with much joy… like a bevvy of quail… they do learn. There is much laughter and joy in the process! blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Sue Giachero / Feb 5 2012 12:28 PM

    Glad you enjoyed my perspective on the stomps in the Villages.(That is one interesting place! Could not live there but will visit again, Lord willing.) Yep, this is a year we need to get out and vote. We need a new direction (actually a return to the direction this country was intended to go in). I may not like the choice that we seem to be getting BUT I have to swallow my pride, think about my grandchildren, and choose the one who will give them the best path to a brighter America. And then I need to keep on pushing for those in power to be accountable, for smaller government and for a return to the Constitution that so many shed their blood for.

    Loved your basketball pictures! Reminded me of the first (and probably only) time my son hit the ball in Little League. I was off the bleachers and at the chain link fence cheering like mad. I got down there and honestly could not remember how I got there. I was THAT excited for him. My reaction probably scared him into never wanting to hit that ball again! Kids are fun! And parents can be funny!

  5. Deborah Pucci / Feb 4 2012 6:42 PM

    Fun pictures. I think sports are great for children. When you mentioned the screeches of sneakers that brought back fond memories.

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