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January 23, 2012 / dcwisdom

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Kid #4 Sam is now a blogger.  Such an interesting fellow is he!  Click on over and read his first post.  I think you’ll like him.

My third semester back to college starts tomorrow.  I signed up for ten hours, which is almost full-time, and I pushed myself to do it.  Get that?  I pushed myself.  I needed the challenge, because I’m such a pansy.  Can you guess why?

Fear.  I have that fear factor, like preparing to fly solo for the first time.  You know – that cringing feeling.  Or the sensation of preparing to step out a two-story window – not that I’ve done that – knowing that if I plunge, I won’t fall far.  I say “if I plunge,” because I don’t anticipate a “when.”  All this feeling over a Texas Government class with 20-year-olds and a quick-witted PhD!   Seems like I should be more comfortable with this scenario as opposed to the public law class in which I originally enrolled, and I probably worked up myself for nothing.

Another class is truncated, a shortened six-week, concentrated class, over at spring break.  After spring break, I have another truncated class (professional mass communication) as well as an online class.  I really like the online classes.

So, I tell fear to take a flying leap.  I tell self to go to bed, and I ask you to pray for me.  Tomorrow, I have to face that scary PhD.

Be sure to check out Sam’s blog.  Thanks.

Peace and love.



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  1. Rayanne / Jan 23 2012 4:14 PM

    I like your new look, and because I’m blond…it took me awhile to figure it out!
    You will do find! Be brave and of good courage!
    Love you friend, Rayanne

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