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December 5, 2011 / dcwisdom

*blink* Where did November go?

Hello…Is anybody still out there?  🙂 I hope this note finds you in health and employed!

Dear Friends,   Since I’ve been MI-Blogland-A lately, I will be certainly surprised if you read this!  Truly.  Do you feel the same as I – blink, and the days and months are waving good-bye in the rear-view mirror?   And, what have I to show for it, except a mountain of computer-generated research papers, an undecorated Christmas tree that’s been positioned in a living room corner for a week, and I can show you a clean stove top, courtesy of Easy-Off and my mother.  God bless her.


What is this, you ask?   It’s a man (Rick) in the attic, attaching air-conditioning ducts.   He and I made good progress on the renovation house during the fall months, almost completing our projects in preparation for insulation and dry wall.  We finally see light at the near end of the tunnel.  All I can say is –  IT’S ABOUT TIME!  I am weary of this seemingly on-going renovation and past-ready to be in my house.


November turned interesting.  One of my more interesting class projects required a study of city government.  Because of my research into a couple of subjects about the only state-line city in Texas, I’ve learned more about municipal workings, annexation, extraterritorial (NOT extraterrestrial)  jurisdiction, public relations, and leadership in one short month than in my earlier lifetime.   Really.  I am totally intrigued.

I was privileged to interview the city manager, an accomplished man who seems to be completely genuine and humble.  He blocked almost two hours of his morning for me, and I felt truly honored.  You know, there are some people you just feel awed by, and he’s one of those people (for me).

Another observation and opinion is that college is (maybe 75%) wasted on the young people.  Case in point:  I have a fantastic writing professor, and his reputation is that he’s hard and demanding.  He is.  He’s also a very good teacher – patient, humorous, and flexible.  I understand that young students have a difficult time with commitment and time management, and about 50% have dropped out of the class.  I feel sorry for the students who didn’t stay active in this class; they missed a great education from this man.  I noticed, too, that (maybe) 10-15% of college students have college-level writing skills.  Folks, that’s sad!    Our class has shared papers, and, I swear, some kids write like 7th graders…That’s enough of college class stuff.


My sweet, beautiful children – have to brag on them while they’re being good!  We had  a great family Thanksgiving – just us Wizzies – and we’re anticipating the Christmas holidays together.  Since Christmas Day is on Sunday, we will attend our church service and spend the rest of the day with my extended family, all 39 of us and maybe more.  No doubt, this neck of the woods will look and sound like a beehive.

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!   God bless you during this beautiful season!  Peace and love, comfort and joy!




  1. Lois / Dec 5 2011 4:26 PM

    Wow, 39 of you??? Sounds like a great party you’re going to have. And yes, time is flying. I can’t believe Christmas is almost here also!

  2. Deborah Pucci / Dec 5 2011 11:10 AM

    Nice to hear from you. Glad things are going well for you. Hope your and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. Vickie / Dec 5 2011 10:20 AM

    Hey friend-girl – I wondered if you dropped out of blogland… but no, I see you here today! YEA! Good to hear from you!

    Your kiddos are so cute and handsome and pretty. Doesn’t it just feel SO good to have them all together. That’s a great picture of them. Even got the dogs in there.

    Miss you – we need to “play” soon when you get out of school!!!

  4. debsladybugtexas / Dec 5 2011 6:49 AM

    your plate is fulll for sure….so happy to hear from you…hope your Christmas is wonderful…

  5. tanna / Dec 5 2011 5:52 AM

    It is hard to keep up with it all, Debbie! Normal life, class, renovations–can be overwhelming at times. I know what you mean about college being wasted on the young. I LOVED so many of my classes when I went back in my 40s to shift from nursing to business. We were some of the lucky ones who have had that treat of learning more late. 😉 Blessings to you and yours this Christmas Season ~ tanna

  6. LP / Dec 5 2011 2:54 AM

    Hey girl! Just letting you know I read your blog at 2:50 a.m. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Jim and I spent that week with my folks in Mobile. The two of us will spend Christmas with Jeff and his family in Fayetteville, then attend a nephew’s wedding in Cabot on the 30th. Jenny and her family are planning to come for the wedding, so we’ll see them, too!

    Blessed Christmas!

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