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October 21, 2011 / dcwisdom

AwEsOmE Pictures!


GO RANGERS!!!  This will be a weekend of non-stop sports in Wisdom household!

Look at this picture.  What is unusual about this picture?

I just came home from Wal-Mart.  I cannot believe how the prices of groceries have shot up lately!  Can you?!  Several weeks ago, a friend called me and said, “Debbie, go to this website and look at it.  Call me back.”

I did.  I called her back and said, “How do I sign up?”

I didn’t want to write about it until I had living proof that it works — AND IT DOES!  IT WORKS!  What is unusual about this picture?  I GOT THESE GROCERIES FOR F-R-E-E!

The company is MPBToday.  It is a bona fide way to earn FREE GAS AND GROCERIES.  This morning, I went into Wal-Mart with a Wal-Mart gift card for $200, and used $68 from the card.  (The gift card can be used for anything at WM and Sam’s Club.)  MPB doesn’t send a gift card without a check attached, and I received $403.50 in total checks.  See one of the checks and gift card below.  (I cropped personal information.)

YES, IT DOES WORK!  To see the web site, go here.   Sign up.   Or go to <;

So, my question to you is this:  Are you getting FREE gas and groceries?  If you’re not, then WHY THE HELLO NOT!?  It’s a no-brainer!

Ok.  Now that I’ve pushed MPB, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to besides MPB.

Classes are very enjoyable.  I am having such a great time in college.  Thinking back to my earliest days in college, I can’t remember having a good time going to class and actually learning something.  I suppose that age and motivation has A LOT to do with it.  My leadership class has one of those group projects that everyone dreads.  Horror stories have been told about group members not participating and leaving the work to one or two people; however, the six of us are working together well.  My part is studying city government and interviewing city officials.  Wednesday, I had the real pleasure of meeting with and interviewing the mayor of Texarkana, Texas.  (You may know that the city of Texarkana straddles the Texas/Arkansas line, and being in two states, Texarkana has two of everything.)

I really like this man!  Texarkana is blessed to have Stephen Mayo as mayor.  He’s a man of great character and ethics and a fine Aggie, trained in the Aggie tradition Corps of Cadets!  Gig ‘Em, Mr. Mayor!


Next week, I visit with the City Manager.  What fun!

Will check in again soon.  God bless you.  God bless Israel.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God help America.

Peace and love.






  1. Mary / Oct 22 2011 5:38 AM

    Thanks for the link! If I had heard about this somewhere else, I wouldn’t have believed it; but I’ll give it a try.

    Nice picture – you’re both cute!

  2. Vickie / Oct 21 2011 8:19 PM

    Hey girl – I’m so glad this is working for you! I hope you clean UP!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your classes. I loved when I went back, too. You’re going to be so smart the rest of us won’t be able to keep up!
    Cool pic of you and Mayor Mayo – bet he gets a lot of kidding about that! If he’s an Aggie then he’s got my vote! Hugs!

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