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July 28, 2011 / dcwisdom

Issue: Will the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Ever Succeed?

Yes, friends, these are my thoughts for today.  This crazy college class has required me to think critically of such subjects as global population, global security, ethics, space, and ET.  I mean…honestly…how about some real subjects like how to beat the odds of winning the lottery or will the elderly woman on the front row pass this !*($#^& class?  With four classes remaining, I have seven more papers due and a test on Monday.  What ever was I thinking?  Tell me.

This young lady is Brown Betty.  Don’t read that name with dyslexia.  Her name is BROWN BETTY.  I don’t know how she got that name except that my mother-in-law called her that, and I am glad to have her in my flower bed.  Last weekend, Rick and I finished a BIG project on renovation house.  Mercy, the heat was so oppressive that I think we spent as much time drinking Gatorade and eating Snickers under the fans as we did finishing the work on the chimney.  I can remember the earlier years when we could stay on the lake water skiing all day and still have plenty of energy to sit at the dinner table.  I hate getting old.

This was my job – using the chop saw.   Yes, I actually know how to operate this baby.  Makes me feel armed and dangerous.  My next “armed and dangerous” feat will be sky diving.

With a parachute…

I actually helped in the caulking and painting, going up to the roof line in the cherry picker.  I’m not afraid of heights, so I let Rick rest and take his breaks and cool down.  The temps reached 110 in the shade.  It was sweltering.  Think I may have sweated off about 10 pounds.

I’m trying to find those ET thingys in that blue sky.  Has anyone experienced any strange things like that?  Big foot?  Sasquatch?  Ghosts?

Do you know that in 50+ years of SETI experiments, there are still no space signals from other sources.  Well, duh…  I think we’d all freak out if there were.

This text is like reading Greek.  Yes, I’m multi-tasking.  What?  “Interstellar travel is difficult but not impossible?”  What?  I think when whoever-they-is started this research, it was drug induced.  Woodstock did not help their cause.

One of those scattered thunderstorms caught us before we finished painting the trim.  Thank the Lord!  Can you see the rain in the picture?  The most unbelievable thing happened:  The storm that passed over was a fairly strong storm with high winds, lightning, and thunder.  It rained for 45 minutes, light and heavy, off and on.  When we finally gave up painting, hooked up the lift and drove away, we noticed that not one mile down the road had it rained!  Dry as a bone.  That’s so amazing to me.

Ok.  Back to studying this ridiculous subject.  Have another paper to crank out.  See you on the other side, and I might be drug induced after this…

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.  God help America.





  1. tanna / Jul 28 2011 5:59 PM

    You are going to be so proud of yourself when you finish!! Both the house and the schooling!! I am cheering you on in both endeavors! You are armed and dangerous! 😉 blessings ~ Tanna

  2. debsladybugtexas / Jul 28 2011 5:02 PM

    wow you got rain….that is awesome….you are a brave girl getting up there like that

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