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July 17, 2011 / dcwisdom

As Never Seen On TV

Have you seen this ad on tv?

A Never-Before-Seen-On-TV Ad by Brin

One thing about living in a trailer house:  Might as well make it livable until you move out.  Kid #3 Jeremiah (the above goober) has lived in a very bold, green room with a pink heart border.  Yes, he’s loved this room!  Last week, I decided to remove the bunk beds and the oak chest-of-drawers and give him a lovely, antique bedroom suit.  The suit was the first bedroom suit my grandmother and grandfather bought after they married in the 1920’s.  Do you think I’m throwing caution to the wind by giving a 22-year-old an almost 90-year-old antique bedroom suit?  Only time will tell.  (I’ll post the suit’s pictures later.)

I shoved everything against one wall and painted half the room.  Notice Fluffy, his faithful, stuffed puppy-companion he received after surgery when he was four years old.  Fluffy was propped in a place of prominence to supervise the miraculous change.  Mom helped me paint, and while we were painting, she noted all the clean, unfolded clothes lying on the bed and floor.  I mean, the guy’s a clothes horse.

Yes, these two pictures are the same room on the same day.  Amazing!

Here’s the new color and the drop cloth on the floor.  Just plain Dove white paint.  Hairemiah likes it.  That’s his nickname.  Hairemiah.  Anyway, Mom asked Jere why he had so many clothes unfolded and not put away.  Jere said it was because he sweats when he folds clothes.  That’s why he never folds clothes – because he sweats.  WHAT?!  Brin just thought that statement was the most outrageous she ever heard, so when she got home, she capitalized on it and creatively marked up this never-before-seen-on-tv ad.  Don’t you think it’s a go?  The automatic clothes folder is actually Hairemiah’s idea.  He thinks that people will actually buy into the idea of washer/dryer/folder.  He just has to figure out how to do it.  Why, people have gotten rich on stir-n-pour paint cans.

What do you think?



  1. Deborah Pucci / Jul 20 2011 3:13 PM

    Glad the room has new color. I love his excuse for not folding clothes.
    Sure, people will buy that!

  2. Sue / Jul 19 2011 8:51 AM

    Funny..sounds like my guys! I was struck by the little stuffed friend in the photo. My son got one after hernia surgery at age 2. He was a blue elephant we named Ellie. My son is now a dad. When we last visited I saw his almost 2 year old son carrying my son’s favorite Ellie around. Talk about bringing tears to this momma/gramma’s eyes!

  3. Amber / Jul 18 2011 7:21 AM

    Too funny!!!! I would buy a clothes folder but it would have to put them away too.

  4. tanna / Jul 18 2011 6:07 AM

    LOL! I love the idea! I’ll be in line behind Jeremiah to get mine! LOL! great poster, Brin. And, I really like the dove white. Soothing and calm. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Vickie / Jul 17 2011 11:39 PM

    Oh yes – I simply must add – Love the poster, Brin!

  6. Vickie / Jul 17 2011 11:37 PM

    You know, on FB I was about to comment about Jere – “funny goober kid” and thought better of it. But now since you said it first, I’ll add my 2 cents — FUNNY GOOBER KID!

    Sweats when he folds clothes. Well, tell him I’ll be the first in line to buy a folder – I sweat when I fold clothes – especially sheets. He’s MY kinda guy!!!

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