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June 8, 2011 / dcwisdom

Name that bean!

The past 45 days have been a whirlwind!  Hey, Friends!  Glad to be with you again.  I’ve missed you. 

To give you an idea…

  • I wrote 19 college papers (Yes!  19!)
  •  assembled my life’s portfolio into one THICK, three-inch binder which I submitted on June 1 for college credit 
  •  had my Kid #4 Sam home for three weeks before his wedding 
  • planned, cooked, and served a fabulous (even if I do say so myself!) rehearsal dinner
  • cut the apron strings from Kid#4 Sam on Saturday (I’ll post pictures later) 
  • had a very dramatic week — yes, I turned double nickel last week!  VERY DRAMATIC!
  • collapsed! 
  • watched It’s Complicated twice and laughed more the second time
  • cleaned my bedroom
  • dug potatoes this morning 

I also pulled a few nice looking beans from the vines and three young squash.  Can you name this bean?  You will probably have to google it.  I would have never guessed it, but Brin had it marked in the garden.  She and Rick bought heirloom seeds in several varieties of beans, peas, potatoes and tomatoes.  

The college papers about killed me.  I’ve never written so much in my life.  I kind of enjoyed experiencing the life of a writer and enjoyed the process of chronicling my work experiences over the last 35 years of my life.  I never knew I learned so much from those experiences.  The class forced me to examine deeply my work from a collegiate perspective and step up my writing level.  It was a challenge to set aside the creative writing for more technical stuff,  and I could never use the word “stuff” in my papers.  The week after my final, I had brain overload, and I had to chill for several days.  It put me a week behind my original goal, but it allowed me to mentally regroup and push to finish.

I enjoyed Sam being home for a while.  Didn’t see him much, though.  He stayed in town closer to his temporary job, and two of his good friends from Dallas came the week of the wedding.  I probably saw Emily (his new bride) more than him.  She was very sweet to share her plans, pictures, ideas, and so on, with me.  The wedding was gorgeous, all due to her planning and organization.  I have this to say:  It was the most joyous and happiest celebration I’ve ever experienced!  This week, they are in Boston on their honeymoon, seeing all the historical sites and sampling the food flavors of New England, answering Sam’s interest in history and Emily’s culinary fascination.  Emily will graduate in December with two associate degrees in hospitality management and culinary arts.

Ok, that’s all I have for now.  Watch for the wedding pictures, maybe tomorrow.  

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  God bless Israel.   God help America. 




  1. rayanne / Jun 9 2011 10:08 AM

    I was so glad to hear from you , dear friend! You have been a busy girl!
    Things over here have gone upside down and I’ve been on my knees. Ok… it’s not all bad, this is good, it’s just a new chapter and now The Lord is writting it for me. I got that Jesus fire back!
    Speaking of your kids in Boston…My son and his family live about 30 min away from Boston, Nashua New Hampsire. He is the regional opps manager for Guitar Center. He travels to all the stores throughout New England. We, my hubby and I are going to see them in September. It’s beautiful there!

  2. Sue / Jun 8 2011 1:38 PM

    Wow! Perfect timing. I check your blog from time to time as I enjoy reading your posts so I was thrilled to see a new one! You have a way with words so I am sure your 19 papers were a delight for your instructors to read! I have read Brin’s blog for ages and reading yours I see the connection- must be genetic as you both truly have a gift with words.

    What a joy to share celebrations of love with our children!

    I too pray for the peace of Israel and our country.

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