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April 21, 2011 / dcwisdom

My First Back-to-College Presentation

Lordy Lordy!  I finished my presentation!  It’s out-of-the-way!  Now, I have to sprint toward the end of the semester.  Here are my action pictures…

Nope, I can’t believe that I’m back in college, either.  I’m tellin’ ya, it has changed my life.  Not only my schedule and thoughts, but also my outlook.  The process has energized me.  Plus, I’m taking lots of extra vitamins…

Lots of vitamins and diet pills…

That should energize anybody. 

I decided I was not ready to sit in the front porch swing and sip lemonade.  Somebody was my inspiration.  All it takes is a little courage.  Well, what are people going to do?  Disagree?  Call me names?

So what?!

I think it’s one of those things as you get older.  You just don’t care as much what people say or that they disagree. 

You know how old people just speak their minds, and there it is?

I made a friend with an 83-year-old gentleman, John, a few years ago.  He was a military veteran, and I loved hearing his war stories.  A big riddle he told me went like this:  I worked at a place where I lived on the Atlantic coast and drove everyday to my job on the Pacific coast.  What kind of job did I do?   (Answer at the end.)

I visited him quite often, and sometimes, I would clean his house.  He let the kids and me swim in his lovely pool, and I took my nieces and nephews to swim there in the summer.  He and I both enjoyed our friendship.

I went for several months without seeing John.  The very next time we saw each other, he looked me up and down, and exclaimed, “Debbie, you’re FAT!”

There it was.

Only an old man who I dearly loved could tell me that and get away with it.   *sigh*

So, ok, old people have earned their right to say what they want.  I’ll give it to them.  Even if I don’t agree or it stings a little.  Or a lot.   

John died a few years back.  I miss the old man. 

Another old man who I miss more than John is my dad.  I know that my dad would be so proud to know that I am finishing what I started 37 years ago when I was but a young, skinny girl.   

Life goes on.  I think I need to go watch some Clint Eastwood.

(Answer:  It didn’t matter what job he performed, but he lived and worked in Panama.)

Peace and love.

P.S.  I want to thank my classmate Shawn for snapping these pictures just to verify my college experience.



  1. Deborah Pucci / Apr 23 2011 3:21 PM

    Debbie, it is so nice seeing you in the pictures. You look great!
    How awesome that you are going to college and that you did your presentation. Older people, like children, often say things we don’t want to hear. I am trying to be comfortable in my body and love who I am.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Patty / Apr 22 2011 7:00 PM

    great story and I have to agree. Us old folk have a right to our opinions and to voice them. Who else is going to save America the way we knew it.
    I figured your friend John was an airline pilot. I was wrong. But hey I would love to visit Panama.

  3. Stacey at Living by Faith / Apr 21 2011 10:24 AM

    Debbie – you are so cute! I love seeing the action shots. I know what you mean about not caring as much about what others think. I wasted a lot of time with that for far too many years.

  4. Diana Ferguson / Apr 21 2011 7:57 AM

    Awesome!!! Hey, tell me what are you studying.

  5. Deb / Apr 21 2011 6:38 AM

    you go girl… proud of you….

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