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March 12, 2011 / dcwisdom

From There to Here

Thank God!  I will chalk this day down as productive.  I began the day feeling pretty crabby, and I am ending the day tired and satisfied. 

Rick and I planted two long rows of potatoes this morning.  He found Adirondack Blue seed potatoes online, ordered them, and now they are in the ground.  The color is not so much blue as it is purple.  I can’t wait to have purple mashed potatoes.  I’ll have to get my brain past the color, though.

My favorite nuisance is this woodpecker that hangs out around my house.  The other birds don’t like him; the cardinals tolerate him, but Woody is always good for a laugh.  I can’t help but snap his picture in his clumsy efforts to get the bird seed.

After we planted potatoes and hanged the wash on the line, Rick and I headed to the Renovation House.  AND I HAVE GOOD NEWS, MY FRIENDS!  THE PLUMBING IS GOOD AND HOLDS WATER WITH NO LEAKS!  After plumbing four bathrooms, the kitchen, utility, and adding another outside faucet, we are celebrating this major milestone.  We spent the good part of the afternoon insulating water lines under the house and in the walls to muffle sounds.


But, oh my, with this warm weather we’ve had in Texas, the grass is almost tall enough for a haircut, and my flowerbeds are in some major need of attention.  On the south side of the house, I have a big butterfly and herb garden which I love.  I plan to extend it around the corner to the west this year.  It gets great summer sun there.

Tonight, Brin invited a couple of our favorite people, my mom and Starla Rae, and Rick and me for Saturday soup.  She recently bought Mr. Sunday’s Soup, written by Lorraine Wallace, wife of Fox News’ Chris Wallace.  My family have always been huge soup fans, and this cookbook gave us new soup ideas and recipes to try on Saturday nights.  Yeah, boy!  We’re a thrilling bunch on Saturday nights!

Tonight, – please forgive me, I forgot the name –  we had a spicy, hot soup with ground chicken.  As you can see, Brin served it beautifully with plenty of tasty sides:  avocado, green onions, bleu cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, carrot and celery sticks, homemade bread, cheese puffs, and saltines.  During the course of dinner, our conversation turned to hot peppers, which it does quite often.  Rick LOVES hot peppers and hot pepper sauces.  In fact, his mother found the mother of all hot pepper sauces, called The Bomb.  (Actually, I think since she found that one, we found a Habanero sauce that’s even hotter.)  Rick loves to try hot pepper sauces; I’m on the hunt for ghost peppers. 

Anyway, our table talk is often about hot peppers and the stories we love to tell.  My favorite story is about Kid#3 Jeremiah’s friend, Ben, who came to my house one evening to study with Jeremiah.  I had made hamburgers and fries, and we were sitting at the table eating, and Ben asked if we had any hot pepper sauce.  Jere gets two or three bottles from the frig and tells Ben that this is the one he should try (The Bomb).  But Ben, I warned him, only take one drop.  Just one drop, Ben.  Ben loved hot pepper sauce, and he doused several drops on his burger.  I warned him again:  Ben, that stuff is waaaaaaay hot.  Ben, it’s very hot.  Ben said, Don’t worry.  I can handle it.  And he chomps into the burger.  In one second, no kidding, he felt the burn.  I said, Ben, you don’t have to eat that.  You can spit it out.  Ben said, I told you I would eat it, and I’m going to eat it, Mrs. Debbie.  The boy sweated, his eyes watered, his face turned a deep shade of red.  After four bites, the poor boy was suffering and in pain.  He stopped eating.  I gave him a glass of milk, which, surprisingly, did not do much to ease the pain.  Poor Ben left soon afterwards, not feeling well.  Jeremiah later reported that Ben was sick for a week.

We laugh about that story now; I’m wondering if Ben tells that story and laughs about it now?  The poor kid hasn’t been back.  I think The Bomb ruined our friendship.

Do you repeat stories around the dinner table?  Or, do you have a recurring conversation theme in your family?  I’d like to know if anyone is as weird as we are.

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.



  1. tanna / Mar 13 2011 2:31 PM

    Debbie, I cannot think of anything more fun than sharing a meal with family… and when it is as beautiful and delicious as that one… well, that’s living the high life! How wonderful to have a daughter like Brin who treats her family to such a labor of love!

    As for The Bomb… well, poor Ben!! Good luck in your search for the ghost. I like jalapeno; it is as hot as I want to get! LOL!

  2. Deb / Mar 13 2011 8:01 AM

    I love soup too…your meal looked really good…my hubby loves hot..if it makes him sweat and his eyes water…then it’s good…my daughter put Tabisco on everything she eats…we buy it by the gallons…hubby is the king of stories at get togethers….let’s just say when he was growing up…he lived life to the fullest…LOL

  3. Layne / Mar 12 2011 11:35 PM

    Debbie, congratulations on the working plumbing! I know that’s exciting! Love the photo of the laundry on the line. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to help my grandma hang out the clothes. I want a clothes line so bad! And glad to hear your Mom is doing well, too! Layne

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