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March 9, 2011 / dcwisdom

My Crazy Life

Hello!  I’m still here having a crazy, busy life, and I’m lovin’ it. 

Going back to college was crazy!  Naturally, having not been in a class for grade in 28 years, my brain is having to switch all sorts of gears.  Fortunately, my kids are wealths of information!  I now go to them for advice.  I think that suddenly they developed into genius status, and I’m having them read all my papers for their approval. 

Probably the best thing about going back to college at my middle age is the university has a program for old people to get them off the sidewalks as quickly as possible.   Literally and figuratively speaking.  This new campus parking is about half a mile from the classroom building.  Either an old person has to become aerobic very quickly or hijack the security cart.  Kidding aside, this program is designed to use life experiences, written into a portfolio, which hopefully translate into college credits to boost hours toward graduation.  Get this:  The course I’m taking cost me the price of three college hours; I can accumulate 6-24 hours from this one course, and some have even garnered 48 college hours from this class.  Is that not awesome?!? 

I was discussing this with Kid #3 Jeremiah.  He’s due to graduate next May, and I asked him what he thought about his mom sitting next to him at the ceremony in her cap and gown, getting her college diploma at the same time…what fun it would be…how cool it would be…etc.  What do you think he said?

Jeremiah said, “Mom, that would be cool!”  Yep, he’s the cool kid that’s not too embarrassed about his mom.  Sweet.

So, to celebrate another milestone in my life, I bought a car.  After driving a Suburban all these years, I bought a ‘stang!  Yep.  She’s awesome.  Some of my old friends call me Mustang Sally now, so I named my sweet ‘stang thang Sally.  Sally’s great on the highway; I give her a little extra push to the floor, and she’s off like a race horse.  I’ve had a couple of lookers, too, but when they saw an old woman at the wheel, I read it in their eyes:  “Oh man!  It’s an old woman driver.  Life’s just not fair!”  And then, I floored it!  Take that!  That’s the kind of fun you can have when you’re old.

I’m trying to get my pictures to post, but it ain’t happenin’ today.  I will go see my computer whiz and get some help.  My dears, “Have a  good and godly day, for what good is a day if it’s not godly,”   says Woodrow Kroll.

Peace and love.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  P.S.  Get your prayer radar pointed toward the middle east this week.



  1. Debby Pucci / Mar 11 2011 6:48 PM

    Great post. So glad your doing the school thing, looks like it’s working out pretty well for you. You go girl! And congratulations on the new car, that is awesome.

  2. Stacey at Living by Faith / Mar 10 2011 12:38 PM

    You are too much! I love the dialogue about you and Sally. You go girl!

  3. tanna / Mar 10 2011 6:16 AM

    Oh, Debbie!! I am so excited for you. A mustang AND all those hours of credit!! Woo Hoo!! Girl, you are livin’ the dream (I know the classwork must seem like a nightmare sometimes, but how wonderful to graduate with your son)! I am so proud of you. Floor it, Baby!!

  4. Glenda / Mar 9 2011 9:52 PM

    Glad to hear you’re having fun at school! I hope you’ll post some pics of the ‘stang. I’ve always wanted a red one!

  5. Mary / Mar 9 2011 9:10 PM

    I love that you are driving a Mustang! You are absolutely the best! Now what are you going to be when you grow up and graduate?!!

  6. Layne / Mar 9 2011 7:41 PM

    hey girl! What color is Sally? and may I say that I am a wee bit jealous? I know you get some looks!!! Call me so we can meet somewhere for lunch or supper. If Carolyn doing okay? I’m going to my folks’ in Mobile Mar 23 or 24, then to Kentucky the next week to bring Jenny & kiddos back here for a week. Then I drive them back home and I am going to try to go to the last day of the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, OH (only about 3 hours from Jenny in Kentucky). Then back to Texas til the end of May when I’ll go back to Mobile to go to some dr appts with Dad. Glad things are going well with you. Where is Brin’s house? In Atlanta?

  7. Debbie / Mar 9 2011 6:54 PM

    I’m so proud of you for going to college and being able to walk all the way to the building. That would sure put me off in the awful weather we have up here, and I’ve been to the college and seen the parking! And I’m really jealous of the ‘stang’. Well, some of us have them, and some are still waiting!
    I’ve got all the patience in the world 😀

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