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December 28, 2010 / dcwisdom

Adventure on Christmas Eve

In telling a Christmas Eve story to my nieces, nephew, and sister-in-law, the story ended in an adventure of its own.

As our families slowly gathered at my mom’s-in-law on Christmas Eve, Rick and I enjoyed visiting with his mom, brother and family.   My sister-in-law Susan, who is three-weeks post surgery, her two daughters and son, and I were sitting in the livingroom, and Susan and I were spinning stories of high school days and friends.

I began telling this story of a bunch of classmates and I going to a cemetery one evening and the event that ensued.  In the telling, I suggested that we load up and run out to the cemetery, and I could show them better what happened.  The weather was dreary, rainy, and quite chilly (about 40 degrees), and I was thinking this is perfect weather for a story like this.

The kids were excited, and we were all dressed to later attend the extended family dinner.  Susan said that she couldn’t drive yet, so I asked my BIL for the keys to his SUV.  He said, “The truck doesn’t have four-wheel drive so don’t go off into the mud.”  Now, why he said that, I don’t know, and the comment went through one ear and out the other as I pulled the keys from his hand.

Susan grabbed her pillow, the we loaded up and took off.  At certain points in the drive, I pointed out to the kids the details of my story, and we turned down the rodeo road toward the cemetery.

Truthfully, I couldn’t remember where the cemetery was.  Having been there only once in my lifetime, I was only guessing at the location.  Soon, we saw the sign with the arrow and turned down the road, and for about half-a-mile followed a shiny, wet, black-top road.  We came to a T in the road and stopped for a split second before deciding to go on.  As we proceeded, I told Susan that the road must be old because I felt some rocks and mud underneath the wheels.  But the road was black and shiny, so we thought we were still on a black-top (asphalt) road.  (Note:  That particular area in Texas has black dirt.)


The vehicle started skidding and sliding.  I slowed, even though I wasn’t going fast.  Since there was nowhere to turn around, we decided to keep going, find a place to turn around and get back to town, foregoing our cemetery visit.

Soon enough and about a quarter-mile, we drove  into some major mud.  And stopped.  Couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go backward.  STUCK!  We all started praying, “Jesus, we need help!”  Yet, no help arrived.

I said, “Susan, get your owner’s manual and find the information we need to get out of this mud.”  So, she flipped though the manual and found the page on how to drive in mud.  It said, “Don’t drive in mud.  But if you find yourself in mud, put the vehicle into overdrive and slowly drive out.”  Or something to that effect.

Shifted into overdrive.  Nothing.  Tried backing.  Nothing.  We prayed again.  “Jesus, help us!”  By this time, one of the girls was whining.  Susan and I were laughing hysterically, she holding the pillow to her stomach.

One of the kids said, “Let’s get out and push.”  Reminder:  40 degrees, raining, in a mud pit, SIL just had surgery…  So, I said, “Ok!”  Like a ding dong.  We all rolled our pant legs up, took off our socks and shoes and bailed out of the vehicle while Susan climbed into the driver’s seat.

Actually, we didn’t do too badly.  We managed to push the Suburban about 20 yards before we hit a slight incline, and the vehicle began sliding sideways toward the ditch.  Not to mention that yours truly fell in the mud.

Wet and cold, the kids and I decided our efforts to push the truck back a quarter-mile wouldn’t work.   Plus, my middle-aged back wasn’t holding up to the challenge.

Last effort, and thank God for cell phones, we called the men.  Yeah…  We hated doing that.  After several calls, we located a tow truck.  The guy said, “It’s Christmas Eve, and we’ll have to haul our four-wheeler.  You can call around for other quotes, but the next nearest four-wheeler is 40 miles away.  They’ll charge you about $400!” 

While we waited for the four-wheeler to arrive, Rick and his brother came  and walked to the vehicle.  BIL tried to get us out and almost slid into the bobwar (Texan for barbed wire) fence.

About an hour later, the tow truck arrived with the four-wheeler.  Slowly, we were pulled back to the real black-top road.  

So, $275 freed us from our Christmas death!  $275 to pull us 1/4 mile.  Out of the mud.  On Christmas Eve, the friendly tow trucker reminded us.   SO MUCH FOR CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!  He probably laughed all the way home! 

The kids were afraid we’d never make it out before dark and dinner, but we did.  Now the kids have a Christmas adventure to tell their kids, one they’ll laugh about for years to come.

My BIL didn’t laugh.  Rick paid the bill and told his brother that’s what he gets for marrying an Allen girl.  BIL was relieved; he dated my sister.

Happy New Year to you all.  God bless you.  God bless Israel.  God help America!



  1. tanna / Dec 29 2010 6:58 AM

    ROTFLOL!! I LOVE this story, Debbie! And, you are so right, it will be fodder for great stories for YEARS to come! LOL!

    I am going to check out the You Tube today!! And, you do need to come on down one of these days!

    Happy New Year! (can’t wait to hear the story that may come with that! LOL!)

  2. Mary / Dec 29 2010 4:00 AM

    Hilarious! What a great laugh to start my day!

  3. Patty / Dec 28 2010 3:11 PM

    LOL!!! that’s all I gotta say to that!! as bad as my pulled teeth (count them…1…2) on Dec. 23rd that were actually hurting Dec. 18th..

  4. Debby Pucci / Dec 28 2010 3:08 PM

    I was thinking how cool to get into the SUV and go tell the kids a story from your HS days at a cemetery. Never imagined you would have a new story to tell. So glad you are all safe. Have to say that is a pretty funny story and one that will go down in history for sure!

  5. Vickie / Dec 28 2010 2:49 PM

    hahahahahaha!!! What an adventure! I’da paid good $$$ to see that – ya’ll all pushing that Suburban and you falling in the mud! I hope the kids enjoyed it as much as YOU did, girlfriend! I love it!

    I’ll bet Rick did not….

  6. Deb / Dec 28 2010 2:47 PM

    now that is a Texas girl adventure….I’m still laughing…

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