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December 21, 2010 / dcwisdom

The Moon’s Blinking

As was common knowledge and a much publicized lunar event, this morning’s total eclipse was spectacular.  The children talked me into staying up to watch it, because everybody and their dog would be watching, and I couldn’t very well pass up an opportunity to see an incredible total eclipse of the moon.  The last lunar eclipse, way back when, I remember, was hidden from our view by stormy nimbus clouds.

Although I’m certain that not everyone and their dog was watching, these four silly lunar lunatics, just 30 minutes ago at 2 AM, were bundled up and prone on the ground, observing through the comforter…

A few wispy cirrus clouds blew by quickly, and Kid #5 Mary exclaimed, “The moon’s blinking!”  The effect rather eery, the moon seemingly moved in and out of view.

Not wanting a lightning blast to their dilated pupils, they quickly drew the blanket up for cover when they saw the camera pointed their direction.

A few minutes ago, Kid #4 Sam poked his head in the door and asked me to go outside again; the moon had an unusual smoky, amber glow in total eclipse.  Wow!  Sam also gave us a fairly detailed description of what some scientist believes regarding the Star of Bethlehem.  Always interesting listening to him explain these things.  (Sam came home today from Dallas, and I suppose the holidays have now officially begun!  Reminds me to buy ice cream later today…)

Saying “Hi” before the Christmas festivities begin.  I’m in the midst of cooking, last-minute shopping, and today, I’m staying up waaaaaaaaaay too late/early.  I will have more news later.



  1. Vickie / Dec 21 2010 2:19 PM

    This is cute – I did not stay up. I would like to have stayed up, but I did not stay up. I was exhausted and if I’d stayed up, I’d be sleeping on my desk today. I sort of am anyway. Holidays are way too rushed and hectic to be staying up watching the moon but I still would like to have stayed up.

    OK, enough of the silliness – I’ve stayed up too long every single night for the last two weeks. Must go to bed earlier – not going to happen for at least 2 more weeks.

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful, blessed and happy holiday, Debbie, my friendly Giblet! We need to stay up and catch up! How’s the trial going? Love ya!!! Vickie

  2. Debby Pucci / Dec 21 2010 8:53 AM

    Have a beautiful Christmas. With all are rain there is no sky in sight!! I have to bake and wrap a few gifts.
    It’s almost here!!!!

  3. Mary / Dec 21 2010 4:55 AM

    Merry Christmas, Debbie, to you and your family.

    Your blog has been such an inspiration and a few laughs this year, and I enjoy it so much. May God open the windows of Heaven and rain down blessings on you in 2011.

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