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November 1, 2010 / dcwisdom

The Texas Rangers and Grandmother

The Texas Rangers (1 and 3) lost their third big one last night.  Tonight’s the night!

Can I walk into their locker room, get in their faces, and in my not-so-sweet motherly voice yell, “This is not little league!  This is the big time, boys!  YOU ARE IN THE BIGGEST GAME OF YOUR BASEBALL LIVES!  Get out of namby-pamby land and play ball like the professionals you are paid to be!  Put down the emotions of playing in the World Series and the Giants, and get down to business!  Are you able?  Can you handle it?  Don’t you want it?  Tonight, it’s ALL OR NOTHING!”

Maybe I should call on my 109-year-old grandmother and shuttle her to The Ballpark.  Have her give them the big pep talk and the claw.  Show them what being a real Texas Ranger is! 

Yep, that’s my grandmother in her Texas Ranger robe showing the claw!  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Never been a greater, more loyal fan than Grandmother.  I remember her always having the game on the telly or the radio, depending on what she was doing at the moment.  Sometimes, both.  It was reported to Mom that Grandmother stayed up the entire game Friday night.  Way to go, Grandmother!

For her 100th birthday, her all-time, favorite Ranger, Jim Sundberg, called her to wish her a happy birthday.  For her 110th in February, I am wishing that Nolan makes the call and sends her a bouquet of roses.  Please, Nolan?





  1. Karin / Nov 2 2010 11:15 PM

    gotta love her!!!!!!!

  2. Debbie / Nov 1 2010 4:59 PM

    Can you believe it? The 4 year old I babysit is dissin’ me over the Rangers loss! I can send him to his room, but whatcha gonna do!!! Wow, your granny is pretty old.
    I hope they win for her sake:D

  3. Vickie / Nov 1 2010 1:28 PM

    Way to go, Grandmother! That’s an AWESOME CLAW!!! Deb, I think she needs a Claw T-shirt! You go girl! I hope that I’m that spry IF I make it as long as she has! Nolan, where are you!

  4. Deb / Nov 1 2010 11:54 AM

    you both need to give them a pep talk

  5. Rayanne / Nov 1 2010 11:26 AM

    Way to go grandmother! She’s a doll!

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