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August 16, 2010 / dcwisdom

My Kids Are About To Be De-Crapped

It has to be a miraculous day when the last child moves out.  Miraculous in the sense that the last kid has finally grown up and actually wants to leave the parents’ nest.  I don’t know; I haven’t experienced that, yet.

When I was 19 and ready to be married, I knew I never wanted to live with my mama and daddy again.  Just didn’t.  Whatever would happen in my life, I was on my own.  They didn’t want me back!  They’d paid for my raisin’.  And I was stupid enough to believe I could make it on my own if I had to.  I went from my daddy’s house to my husband’s house – the best situation a girl can have, in my opinion.  (I know some of you disagree on this issue, and that’s fine.  We can agree to disagree, can’t we?)

The genesis for this post is this scenario:

Early this morning, I had three adult kids in my house:  Kid #1 (31 years old), Kid #3 (22 in two weeks), and Kid #5 (18 this week).  Adopted Kid #6 Chris has disappeared for a few days, but he’s also included here.  Kid #5 still has a ways to go before flying the nest, but those other two (three)?  Mama’s ready to boot them out!

Not that I don’t love them!  I’d like to squeeze them to death I love them so much!  But, mamas know when it’s time for them to get a life of their own.

I left early before any of the kids were up.  After I spent two hours watering my semi-parched flowers, bushes, and saplings at the renovation house, I came home to find everyone had left, all but Mary.  That’s so good.  Good little children.  Go to work, little ones.

Instead of going into the house, I went to look for a receipt from 2006 which is in our small storage building.  I walked into this:



Before you go there, let me say that I’m NOT a hoarder.  Hahahaha!  Rick would say otherwise, but this is all considered ‘garage sale’ stuff, and Mom and I have yet to find a way to beat the heat to have a sale this summer.  However, I immediately got to work on this and cleaned out half the building, and I finally found my container and the 2006 receipt.  I have to add that it’s only because my great organizational skills that I actually found that piece of paper!  You should be impressed.

After that, I weedeated/weedate/what’stheword around the trailer.  By the time I finished that job, I was wringing sweat and headed indoors into the “slob” house, and I say that with all the disgust, loathing, and revulsion that I can muster. 

Brin and Millie were here this weekend.  They sleep in Mary’s room on a pallet and blanket laid on the floor for Millie.  Mary left for work at 1:50, but NOT ONE effort was made toward cleaning her room.  Cups, water bottles, clothes, pillows strewn everywhere.  I yanked the sheets off the mattress pallet and the blanket off the floor, stuck them in the washer, gathered the drinking cups and water bottles, picked up pillows, and turned out the light.  Never mind all the clothes piled in various places.

Jeremiah’s room was no better.  Clothes on every surface.  I can’t believe how many clothes and shoes and technology riffraff and sports paraphernalia those boys have!  You guys shop like girls and are equally as bad as girls!  Oh, yes, you are!

In the bathroom, there was an overflowing trash basket, towels hanging over every bar, Mary’s bathing suit in the floor of the tub, brushes, a phone charger, personal items, all around the small sink.

The livingroom/kitchen was no better.  A blanket and dog hair all over the floor, empty boxes on the piano, couch pillows tossed here and there, dirty dishes in the sink and on the cabinets…Need I go on???

My initial thought was “I did not raise my kids to be slobs!  What has happened to my neat, orderly family?”  

Since when did they decide that they could come in and trash my house?   AND THAT I WOULD CLEAN AFTER THEM?  That they can leave their cups, food wrappers, shoes and socks, and whatnot on the furniture and the floors?  That they can dirty my house and get by with it?  No more!

I’m on a mission now.  Fair warning, kids!  You’re about to be de-crapped!



  1. Amber / Aug 17 2010 8:26 AM

    I so agree!!! I have the same problem and I only have the one (19). He acts like the house is his personal pig pen. He leaves a trail from the back door to his bedroom and then gets frustrated with me when I can’t tell him where HIS stuff is. Please let me know what to do to get this under control. We have tried everything!

    Love ya,

  2. Diana Ferguson / Aug 17 2010 7:24 AM

    I say “go for it”, too!!!

  3. tanna / Aug 17 2010 6:38 AM

    Ooooooh. I think those kids better lay low for awhile! LOL! Go get ’em, Deb!!

  4. jopatty11 / Aug 17 2010 4:16 AM

    Oooh,, Mamma has had enough!!! Let it go! I am with you all the way on this one Debbie. I have a 20 yr. old that thinks the floor around the recliner he sits in is the trash can and the end table is the recycling bin for water bottles and empty cans of Arnold Palmer Tea. Yes!! I had had enough. for 2 yrs. I had walking pnuemonia and then for almost a yr. I tried finding a job. Keeping house wasn’t easy for me….getting out of bed was a chore. Now, I am working about 30 hrs. a week and I am not going to be their(hubby included in this one) little maid any longer.

  5. Vickie / Aug 16 2010 11:28 PM

    Ok, now I’m on pins and needles to see how to “de-crap” a kid. I assume you’re going to go through and box up all their crap and put it in the trash or the storage shed.

    I’ve gone on strike before and not lifted a finger. Even for Tony. Makes me so mad to clean and clean and they come along behind you and leave all their crap out and don’t give a rat’s you know what.

    Cannot WAIT to see what happens next!

  6. Deb / Aug 16 2010 9:42 PM

    you go girl…let me know how you do it…I have one 21 year old that has taken over the house…

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