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August 7, 2010 / dcwisdom

How Big a Boy Are Ya?

Offensive comments mostly come in the form of “anonymous.”  I’ve had a handful of “anonymous” trash few times.  Some of you remember.  Maybe you, my friends, happened to see the comments yesterday before I axed them from cyberspace.  I’ve always wanted to have an open forum here, but anonymous changed my mind about that.

In my last post, my intention was not to be boastful.  You know the old scripture:  Pride cometh before the fall.   But, a mom does have bragging rights, and when someone else brags on your kids, we pop buttons and gush!  So, thank you, Suzi, for your kind words about my son.  But, please don’t put him on a pedestal; after all, he’s but a man.

 So, I have two thoughts about this post.  Firstly, I’m going to address “anonymous,” and since this is my blog, I will have the last words on this subject.  I have changed my comment settings, and with one finger and click of a button, anonymous comments will no longer be posted here if I so choose.  Secondly, I’m going to tell you why I blog.

Dear Anonymous,

I know a good therapist in your area.  Apparently, you have long-time knowledge of my family, knowing that I have three sisters.  You most likely know my brother, too.  You’ve also kept up with our family news, which has always been rather public.  So, after all these years, what is the chip on your shoulder?  And, how big a boy are ya? 

So, you called me “fat butt?”  Well, yeah…so what’s it to ya?  That doesn’t bother me.  What’s with making fun of my chin?  Boy, that one bumfuzzles me!  But, when you talk about my sisters, them’s fightin’ words!  If you have a problem, you just come on over, big boy, and I’ll sit on you and make you eat soap!  But, don’t touch my sisters!  Those comments were plain ugly!  We have plenty of male muscle in this family, and with a flick of our fingers, they’ll be on you like a chicken on a june bug.  Or I can just put the Zumba on you!

So, why are you hiding behind ‘anonymous?’  Why don’t you just come on out, if you are man/woman enough, and face your realities?  My promise to you:  I won’t call you names or attack your family.


Ok.  So, the reason I blog is, mainly, to entertain.  Sometimes, I get analytical or political or too serious about life, and we all know that life isn’t static.  It’s constantly in motion, and I want good motion.  I want to see and experience joy, because there’s just too much of the other stuff going around.  I want to share the humorous side of life, encompassing the tragedies, too.  Life’s too short to walk around in a bitter, angry state of mind and body.  Besides, nobody would want to be my friend otherwise, and we all need friends.

So, anonymous, I forgive you, and please know that since I probably know you, potentially, we can be friends.  It’s up to you.

Dear Ones, have a wonderful weekend.  I intend to.



  1. debby9972 / Aug 7 2010 1:39 PM

    ((HUGS)) Sorry about that.

  2. suzisays09 / Aug 7 2010 11:51 AM

    some folks are idiots huh? and never fear no one is on a pedestal on this earthly plain. you misunderstand me, It is your sons charactor that I admire, over the years I have watched a lot of good kids come in to this business and within a few months, they are pulled into the partying and b.s. that goes on in this industry, your Sam has not been corrupted by the others, I’ve seen him mad I’ve seen him happy, and I have seen him frustrated but, the one thing I haven’t seen is him following the lead of the party people. He has his own path that he is diligently pursueing and that is cool!

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