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August 6, 2010 / dcwisdom

When Kids Grow Up

Mom, Kid #5 Mary, and I saw Ramona and Beezus yesterday, a delightful movie that will make its way onto my dvd shelf.  Poor, cute, little Ramona.  Always finding herself in trouble through no fault of her own, she’s a misfit, a non-conformist, a free-spirit, but she has a heart of gold.   Guts, guts, guts!

The movie review only introduces my subject, being that most parents understand their children more than teachers or neighbors.  We recognize ourselves in them, whether physically or psychologically, or the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Of course, in my case, it’s always Rick’s fault if their ugly side shows.  😉

But since our children were very young,  Rick and I have held the conviction that  parental responsibility is much greater than our culture asserts, hence, our choice to home school and take the non-traditional route to adulthood.  Not that we did a better job than others could have in the academic world; academics wasn’t the total point.  Our persuasion was to rear children to love God and others, to be independent thinkers and examiners, to have ethical and moral character, to be socially interactive with all ages, and to be caring, compassionate adults with common sense. 

(Note here:  We can have these goals in mind and strive toward them, but remember that we are all inherently faulty.  Each of us is prone toward a sin nature and make really crummy choices at times.  That’s why we each have need of a Savior!)

So, periodically, one has to brag about her kids.  It’s just one of the facts of life that, around the world, moms’ hearts burst and gush over their offspring.  The kid(s) made the school’s honor roll or earned a scout award or scored the winning run or placed in the art show.  Maybe he opened a door for a disabled person, or she painted fingernails for the old ladies at the nursing home, or he was respectful to his employer.  *burst and gush*

But, how many of us are proud when our kids take a moment to beseach the Throne of God for a hurting person?  To ask the Almighty Redeemer to touch the heart of a person who needs comfort or healing?  To recognize, even in the midst of his busy-ness and routine, someone else’s need and pain?

And when someone else recognizes goodness in your child(ren)?  Wow!  It’s humbling.  It’s one of those moments when you sit down and cry and thank God for that special life of whom He entrusted you.

The following blog post was written about Kid #4 Sam by a co-worker at On The Border Knox in Dallas.  My heart could never be more pleased than to know someone else sees the hand of God in my child.  That someone else sees God’s compassion in him.  When the person looks at my child, she can see the reflection and Spirit of God. 

I am not taking credit here, and not that any of my kids are perfect (How can perfect kids come from two very imperfect parents?), but I give all the credit to the Lord of Heaven and Earth, who took my seed and is in the process of forming a man that pleases Him.  Thank you, Lord. 

Thank you, Suzi.  

I want to thank this young man’s parents! Great job!!

Sometimes it is hard to come up with new things to tell you about, because we strive every day to be above the line and extraordinary as a crew.  And of course, as with any job generally the mechanics of completing the task are repetitious, and take on a quality of being a habit. (  Some habits are good things.)  It was with great interest that I listened to a story about one our team members, that our manager shared with me.  A lady guest had come to him and told him about the last time she had been in to see us, to pick up some to go food.   The team member that helped this lady recognized that this lady was in distress, his radar is always on from my observation.  There had just been a death in her immediate family, and it’s not a time to cook but, it is still time to eat.  He sat down with her on the bench by the door, and counseled and comforted her, she relayed to our manager that when she left that she had the courage and the strength she needed to face the sad tasks that she had in front of her.  There are no words that I know that can express the admiration I have for this young man and it isn’t the first time he has found his way onto this blog.  I am very proud to call this young man my friend.  It will be with great interest I will observe his promise unfold.

The young man I am talking about at present, is not in the country with us, he is off doing missionary work, he will be back soon fate willing.  He is deeply missed by his loved ones, he is a good young man.  His parents did an incredible job, he was home schooled, which to be honest if not done correctly turns out socially inept and sometimes not so educated folks.  That is certainly not the case with this young man, as I mentioned in  my last story about him he is capable of being at ease with old and young alike, and most certainly well-educated.  I’m putting his picture in this story so when you see him in the future you will remember you read about him here first!!!

Of course I have to wait for my technical crew to help! lol  so come back if the picture isn’t up!!



  1. jopatty11 / Aug 7 2010 6:02 AM

    Pretty cool what others see in our children. That’s when we know we have done the right things and have been blessed to see His good works.

  2. suzisays09 / Aug 7 2010 2:23 AM

    So, I finally get to thank you for the wonderful job you and your husband did. I’ve worked with a lot of young people over the years and your son, like I have said before, he is an awesome human being! Well done!

  3. Debby Pucci / Aug 6 2010 3:29 PM

    I never would have had the patience to teach my children but I did bring them up to be wonderful adults. You should be very proud of yourself. I agree with the standards you have set for your family. Too many children are left alone and that just gets them into trouble.

  4. Tara / Aug 6 2010 2:11 PM

    OK….now you done made me cry for the second time today! That is so awesome. I know you are so proud of all your kiddos. Your kids have an amazing MOM, so why wouldn’t they be amazing!!! Hello!!!
    Such a wonderful testimony.

    I heard the Ramona movie was so good. We read that book at school. The kids love it. Going to have to rent it when it comes out.

    And yes my mom and I had a great lunch at Jolenes. It was delicious as always. Wish you could of gone too. I figure that is my last Wednesday for some time. Back to work I go!!!


  5. Deb / Aug 6 2010 1:32 PM

    wow…now that is cool…

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