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July 26, 2010 / dcwisdom

Hard Luck Peach Cobbler

From the tree to the basket…

…to the bowl and the oven…

…and, finally, to the plate…  Ooooooohhhh….Ahhhhhhh….Mmmmmm….

Yes, from the Culinary Great dcwisdom, here you have the old-fashioned peach cobbler.  And, it’s every bit as good as it looks!

However, YOU KNOW that behind every great picture is a story?  Yes, you do.  And this is how it went.  (I have witnesses!)  Here we go…

So, I got the cobbler into the oven.  It was beautiful.  And as all good cooks know, under a bubbly cobbler or fruit pie, ALWAYS place a cookie sheet covered in foil to catch the drippings that may very well bubble over the edge of the dish. 

But, as I placed the dish into the oven, that thought blinked through my mind, and within a split second, the thought of  ‘oh, this is a deep dish and I don’t think the juices will bubble up enough to spill over.’

And, so I thought.  As my husband would say, “That’s what you get for thinking!”   *eye roll*

We were sitting down to the dinner table, Rick, Brin, and I, and this smoke came rolling out of the oven.  At the 45 minute mark, the blasted smoke alarm went off, and I ran over to the oven, opened the door, and…

the inside of the oven was on FIRE!!!

I kid you not!  Enough of the sugary syrup had spilled close enough to the heating element that it had caught fire!  Except that the spill wasn’t a small spill…

The fire was rather large…yeah…

After I turned off the oven, removed the half-baked cobbler and the oven racks, I went to scraping the gooey, flaming syrup off the oven floor.  I just hated leaving the cobbler uncooked and sitting on the stove, so I turned the oven on again.  No.  Wrong.  The remaining stuff that I couldn’t get completely scraped up began flaming and smoking.  Out came the cobbler once again.

In the meantime, Kid#2 Rich called.  Brin answered.  He heard all the commotion in the background and asked what was going on.  Brin said, “Mom burned the peach cobbler in the oven, and Dad’s griping at her.”  To which Rich replied, “Oh, so, just the same old stuff, huh?”

Yeah…just the same….old….stuff….

Well, I couldn’t find the oven cleaner, so Brin said, “Why don’t you make a baking soda paste?”

I did, and it worked wonderfully!

I’m loving the fact that my 31-year-old daughter gives me such great kitchen tips like using baking soda paste for an oven clean-up!  I’m indeed fortunate.

After the magnificent clean-up, in went the cobbler to finish baking.  I had no idea, after the flaming fiasco, how it would turn out, but as you can see, it baked into a tasty dish.  It didn’t look that great coming out of the oven, and that’s why you didn’t see a picture of it.  :p

The recipe baked up more like a cake instead of having the traditional lattice crust, but the cake didn’t lessen the fresh, gooey, cobbler taste.

Old-fashioned Peach Cobbler

Fruit Mixture:
6 tablespoons tapioca
6-7 cups fresh peaches, pitted, peeled, and sliced
1 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
Cobbler Dough:
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
1-1/2 cups milk
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
Cobbler Topping:
1-1/2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 cup boiling water
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients to make fruit mixture.  Mix thoroughly.  Pour the fruit mixture into a buttered 9×13-inch baking dish.
In a bowl, mix thoroughly all ingredients for cobbler dough.  Spread over fruit mixture.
In a medium mixing bowl, stir together dry cobbler topping ingredients.  Sprinkle evenly over the cobbler dough layer.  Pour boiling water evenly over the cobbler.  Bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until the top has a golden crust.  Serves 15. 
(Recipe from the Peach Tree Family Cookbook)

I still have plenty peaches left, so Monday, I’ll be working on getting them put away.   I’m thinking peach preserves and frozen peaches for future homemade ice cream.  I am wondering how Vickie’s peachy weekend went.  I hope hers was better than mine!

P.S.  Just to let you know, I didn’t go to church this morning, because I’m still hacking, sniffing, and sneezing.  My voice has returned somewhat, but this stuff needs to go bye-bye soon!  Thanks for all your well-wishes and prayers, dear friends.  God is good!

And please continuing praying for Mom’s biopsy report this week.  Thank you very much.  What WOULD we do without our Savior?!?

Have a happy week!  I can hardly believe this is the last week of July!



  1. Mary / Jul 27 2010 4:22 PM

    I hope you continue feeling better, and yes, prayers are being said for your mother.

    I just ate a peach that had been in the refrigerator for a week. It was perfect. Had I had an entire bag full sitting on the shelf, I am afraid I would have devoured the entire thing. Nothing like a fresh peach.

    God bless.

  2. mary / Jul 27 2010 4:16 AM

    I have been thinking about peach cobbler for a few weeks, so your post is driving me nuts. We have a few weeks to go before our peaches are ready.

    Still praying for your mom.

  3. Glenda / Jul 26 2010 7:44 PM

    My, oh my, that looks good! I’m going to try your recipe (minus the fire) tomorrow. I bought some peaches at the orchard in Terrell. So glad you’re feeling better!

  4. tanna / Jul 26 2010 6:49 PM

    Now that’s a cobbler story for sure!! I know it was yummy! Prayers for your Mom and hope you are feeling better, too!

  5. Rayanne / Jul 26 2010 4:46 PM

    Wow…so glad you are all ok.
    and so glad your cobbler turned out after all that!
    Your recipe looks so yummy, I’m going to try yours. I have a real easy one I will post soon.
    BTW…sorry about my lack of control over your “FIGS”. I’m ok now.I feel like a big baby about it. I’ll e-mail you, just have been dealing with too many things…startin to slow down now.
    Sure hope you are feeling better…eat some of your figs, that will make you feel better!!
    Sayin a prayer for you. Love ya.

  6. Debby Pucci / Jul 26 2010 3:34 PM

    I must make this, it sounds delicious.

  7. Vickie / Jul 26 2010 10:52 AM

    Well, Vickie’s “peachy” weekend went so far only as to get 11 quarts of peaches peeled, sliced and frozen. I ate about 6 or 7 peaches last night while finishing up the peeling and nearly made myself sick on all that sugar! Because of scheduling difficulties and an unexpected arrival of my sister this weekend, the homemade peach ice cream and peach cobbler didn’t happen. 😦 Now, my sister Lisa, DID make a peach cobbler over at mom’s, but I didn’t get to make one…

    Sorry about the peach “flambeau” you created in your oven! (it’s really funny!) And how ’bout that Brin coming up with just the right recipe to get it cleaned up! I think your guys should have cleaned it up, and then let YOU finish the cooking. It was for them anyway… just sayin’…

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