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July 18, 2010 / dcwisdom

Knock-offs are cool!

Check out this cool shower curtain from Anthropologie… 

Shower Curtain from


My niece, Jamie, who’s a junior at Texas A&M in College Station and loves all things beachy, recently saw this curtain from Anthropologie for $130.  My sister was not about to spend that amount of money for a shower curtain but decided, instead, to make a knock-off curtain. 


My sister, Laura, bought a 100% cotton shower curtain and nine graduated shades of cotton fabric from white to aqua.  With two sewing machines going, we made nine 12″ ruffles and stitched them nine inches apart down the length of the curtain. 



My sister is a teacher in the Houston area and comes about twice a year.  While sewing, we visited, ate deep, dark, chocolate cake (recipe from Alicia Paulson – Posie Gets Cozy), and laughed at all kinds of silly things. 


This project really was a group effort and took three of us about seven hours to finish.  We realized that maybe $130 for the curtain wasn’t too terribly out of range for all the labor that went into it, but the $35.00 for materials made the curtain very affordable since we already had the sewing skills. 

Here’s the Anthropologie knock-off!  What do you think? 


Her version is more blue, which is what Jamie likes, and we were very proud of the finished curtain.  Laura’s already emailed Jamie the pictures, and Jamie’s ecstatic!  It’s great that she can get so excited about a shower curtain! 

That’s all for now.  See you in the funny papers.



  1. Darlene / Jul 22 2010 4:53 PM

    It looks great! It also looks like fun crafting with family. Jamie is very lucky!:)

  2. Mary / Jul 20 2010 8:21 PM

    What do I think? I love it. I’ve not done knock-off’s in years. I think they are great!

  3. Debby Pucci / Jul 20 2010 12:13 PM

    It’s awesome!

  4. nezabudkina / Jul 19 2010 8:57 PM

    Wow! Fantastic work! And I agree with Linda, your version is much more beautiful!

  5. mzzterry / Jul 19 2010 2:31 PM


  6. mzzterry / Jul 19 2010 2:30 PM


  7. Diana Ferguson / Jul 19 2010 7:08 AM

    You did a great job!!!! Less $$ and good family time!

  8. Vickie / Jul 19 2010 12:29 AM

    Great job ladies! I like this one better – it’s got more ocean colors in it! Do y’all hire out?

  9. Glenda / Jul 18 2010 10:22 PM

    I love it! It’s so cute and way cheaper!

  10. Gay Vaughan / Jul 18 2010 1:31 PM

    You HAVE to post this to my party. It’s perfect in every way!

  11. jeanette / Jul 18 2010 1:17 PM

    Oh wow!! What a talented family you all are. I love saving money and boy did your sister save a bundle and you had good fun while getting the job done. Interested in making a family photo quilt as a surprise gift for a family member? I can pay in cake! :0)

  12. Linda Sue / Jul 18 2010 12:50 PM

    I think your version is MUCH prettier – and she’ll shower with her family’s love right there! Wonderful blessing to have crafting skills – I have shopping skills sometimes but mostly – I buy what I find and get the heck out of the stores!

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