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July 16, 2010 / dcwisdom

Softball Update

The first thing I did when I arrived home was take three Advil, fill up the tub with hot water, a little Epsom salts, and ease my achin’ self under the water.  Stayed there until the water got cold.  Couldn’t move.  Even my eyeballs ache.

Yeah…I know what you’re saying already.  But, I had the BEST time of my life.  I figured that the last time I was on the softball field was in 1992 or 3.  Maybe.  Eighteen years or thereabouts.  I loved it then; I love it now.

Even though I’m about XX pounds heavier than I was 18 years ago. 

One thing that I learned to do many years ago was to stretch before the game.  In fact, I stretched all day.  Really.  I think this was the only thing that helped me from pulling something

So, that’s me in the red shirt.  Yeah…  I told the coach that I CAN catch the ball but that I CANNOT SQUAT.  So, where did the dear man put me? 

Yeah, as catcher…

I can only imagine what the folks behind the fence were whispering to each other.  At least, no one had the nerve to *oink* at me.

That’s me leaving first base.  I actually had to run to second base and made it safely.

(The first time I batted, I struck out.  The second time, I walked.  I think the umpire kinda liked me.  He and I had a thing going on behind the plate.  He was easy on me, because I laughed at his jokes.)

But, the next batter hit the ball to the short stop, and the short stop tagged me out in the base line.  I begged him not to.  I was such an easy out.

Well, we lost, but not that bad – 8 to 10.  All the kids were nice to me since I was the only elderly person playing.  They were very encouraging.  They must get a big kick out of senior citizens getting out there with them and playing.  I love them.  We are building relationships.

You are up-to-date.  Hope you enjoyed my silly shenanigan. 


P.S.   I know you are asking about my “secret” weapon.  Aren’t you?!



  1. Glenda / Jul 16 2010 10:11 AM

    You go, girl! Hope you’re not too sore today!

  2. mary / Jul 16 2010 4:22 AM

    Always fun to read your blog! I’m glad you got out there and played and that the pain was worth it. Sounds like it was a riot.

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