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July 14, 2010 / dcwisdom

Summer Softball

How many of you can say you remember your first game of softball?

Look at ’em!  Young, beautiful, fit.  Yep, I remember those days.

But, I do remember my very first game of softball.  It was on a Sunday afternoon when I was about eight years old.  A group of (kind and sweet)  teenagers let me play right field with them.  They even gave me a glove.

What does an eight-year-old do in the outfield?  Look at the sky…watch the butterflies…pick her nose…

I was standing there – doing nothing – and had my glove on my hand with the mit turned up.  Some big high school boy hit a fly ball, and, I kid you not, that ball landed right in my glove!  Really!  I was an instant hero!

Kid #3 Jeremiah played college baseball.  Gosh, he’s awesome!

After I “caught” that fly, those big kids even let me bat.  Thus began my love affair with softball.

See Brooke catching?  This scenario made me really nervous since no one had any face protection.  One summer, my brother was catching for a rag ball game with no mask, and the ball was tipped and caught him square in the eye, forever damaging his center of vision.  Now he only has limited peripheral vision in that eye.

In a high school game, Jeremiah was hit in his right eye causing two fractures to his orbital socket, and, still, he periodically has pain in that eyeball. 

I didn’t play softball until I was in my 20’s.  Our church association formed a league, and for several summers, I played.  Loved every minute of it! 

When my kids were old enough to play, we would practice every day – hitting, throwing, catching.  My boys would beg me to pitch and hit to them.  They would have played for hours if my arm had held out.  And I can’t even count the hours, days, and years we spent at the ball park.  With three boys playing simultaneously, it was a horrific schedule of practices and games.

So, now our church has a little group of co-eds playing softball this summer.  I’m on the roster Thursday night to play first base.  Yep.  If I bat, I’ll have to have a pinch runner, because Jeremiah said I’ll pee in my pants all the way to first base if I hit the ball.  (My poor kids know all about the horrors of Mom getting older, and they are very afraid.  I told him I’d wear a Depends so I wouldn’t embarrass him.)  You KNOW I’ll give you the scoop on what happens tomorrow night! 

Please pray for me.



  1. tanna / Jul 15 2010 8:39 PM

    Debbie, my hats off to you! I NEVER could play softball! LOL! Two black eyes, while “keeping my eye on the ball.” LOL! Way too much of a klutz! You go girl! Put your big girl depends on and get after it!

  2. Vickie / Jul 14 2010 11:55 PM

    Ha! Well, don’t SLIDE into home plate with your Depends on! That could really be scarey! Think about that mental picture! JK! Love ya – ChVickie

  3. Diana Ferguson / Jul 14 2010 11:09 AM

    Good luck!!! Gotta love a great game of softball….

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