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July 13, 2010 / dcwisdom

Moratoriums WOLF!

I took my own medicine (again) and called a moratorium, or a fast, if you will, last week.  For a few days while the kids were at church camp, the big eye was off; I unplugged the house phone; the radio was silent; I didn’t write.   But, I read.  I rested.  Blissful.  Peaceful.  I had almost forgotten what relaxation felt like.  Ahhhh….

Ok…I’m back now and starting off this post talking about moratoriums, but I won’t end there.

Since not all moratoriums are peaceful or profitable, I will go on record saying that I don’t agree with the forced moratoriums on drilling in the Gulf.  There seem to be too many far-reaching negatives that will affect many American families and businesses.  In this case, corporal punishment to all drilling companies in the Gulf is just plain wrong.  Even though the mainstream media may not be reporting these stories, I hope that many of these good folks affected by these political decisions are crying, loud and clear, “WOLF!


The liberal/progressive political leaders are giving their best shots at forcing quasi-governmental solutions – solutions supported only by the government and an eek minority and governed by a few.  They want everyone to come under the “socialism-fits-all” banner with only a handful of leftist politicians calling the shots. 

The problem with that is there are plenty of us over 30 years old who still work, support our families, take care of our communities, go to church and pray.  We still maintain traditional, conservative values.  Why?  Because those values have worked for two hundred thirty-four years better than the socialist alternatives.

And why did I choose to draw the line at 30-year-olds?  Because the majority of boys and girls younger than 30 have that sense of entitlement:  “You owe me.”  The victim mentality:  “I’m not responsible for myself.  It was someone else’s fault.”  The spoiled brat mentality:  “Give me some money and an iPod and a place to crash.  Support me.  Work?  Me?”   Those kids are growing up with a social mindset and probably won’t mind living under socialism, except they won’t get all the luxuries they get now.  They will have bread lines and a few hours of water and electricity per day.   Forget cars, restaurants, vacations, and a few dollars in the pocket.

But that’s to whom the left is pandering.  They are exploiting the young and the weak and the illegals.  The few at the top want robots, ‘yes’ men, you-scratch-my-back-big-time, and I’ll throw you a few crumbs.  They are not looking out for the average American.  They are not trying, or wanting, to protect our national interests. They are looking out for themselves – for their control, their power, their domination, their pocketbooks.  They are so full of themselves.  They are blind.  

Patriots?  No.  They are whoremongers.  They are traitors.

So, what can we do?  Pressure our leaders.  Support those staying true to America and the Constitution.  Pressure the blue dogs.  Put funds behind those causes that are just and true.  Look out for your neighbor.  Teach your children and grandchildren the great truths of old.  Find a mission.

God help us.  God bless Israel.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.



  1. mindy / Jul 14 2010 10:02 PM

    I will vote for you!!!

  2. Patty / Jul 14 2010 7:50 AM

    are you sure you don’t want to run for President of the United States?? you have the opinion to do that..LOL. I have to agree with you. I do believe though if you look around it’s not only peeps under 30 that want hand outs. Look around the nation and you will see more than you want to see of people who don’t want to work, who want handouts…even in the Midwest they are coming out of the walls in some areas.

  3. mary / Jul 14 2010 4:45 AM

    Preach it, sister!!

  4. Vickie / Jul 13 2010 8:45 PM

    How ’bout a “tarball”??? ;o)

    Man, you’re wound up. I agree with everything you said. Hey, you need to send in your editorials to the local newspaper. You could get a job doing that, Gib! You’re such a good writer! I know our city newspaper has a section in the editorial section where citizens can send in THEIR opinions and air grievances and put in their two cents. I think you’re in the wrong business!

    Great post!

  5. Glenda / Jul 13 2010 7:20 PM

    Amen! Well said,Debbie!

  6. Deb / Jul 13 2010 4:12 PM

    you said it sister….there is a Wolf in the hen house…a whole pack of them…we need to boot them all out and find people that really care about America….

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