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July 3, 2010 / dcwisdom

Glad it’s NOT January 2nd, and practicing an attitude of gratitude!

In the wee hours of this morning, my mom, niece Nikki, Kid #5 Mary, and I were playing the game Would You Rather…?  That’s Mary’s favorite game, and she is a huge game player.  Loves games.

What the heck!?!

Oh…it’s the Marilyn Monroe pose!  Yeah…  And then Nikki had to dance a belly dance…

After the game ended about *ahem*, I came home and read Susan McDougal’s The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk  until *ahem*.  Remember Susan McDougal?  The woman who wouldn’t fink on Bill and Hillary and their Arkansas shenanigans?  Should be interesting.

Ok, well, when I awakened after a little sleep, I stepped into my little-bitty- trailer-house-walk-in closet and stepped into water.  Yep — sure ‘nuf — an inch of water.  Not good in a trailer house.

After the plumber came and drained and removed the heater, THE DANGED CULPRIT…

 …yep, there she is…

…and after I whined a little, especially with the holiday weekend here and company coming, and after he told me it would be next WEDNESDAY before he could get one ordered and install it, because of the unusual size and the wiring…

I decided to take my own medicine and make some “righteous” decisions:

  1. I will not whine.
  2. I am thankful it’s not January 2nd.
  3. I will not let the lack of hot water get in the way of enjoying my family.
  4. I will be thankful to have running water.
  5. I will be thankful for my genius husband and his wherewithal to deal with problems like these.
  6. I will bake a coconut pound cake and laugh.
  7. I will realize that things like this will happen at inopportune times.
  8. I will realize that things like this can and will be fixed.
  9. I will be thankful it wasn’t the air conditioner.  Or my car.
  10. Nobody died.
  11. I will praise the Lord.
  12. Thank the Lord I live in the good ole US of A!

I could go on, but you would be bored, if you’re not already.

So, all these things considered, I have a great life!  Love to all!  Happy 4th!



  1. Vickie / Jul 6 2010 9:44 PM

    Aren’t hot water heaters wonderful!!! We’ve had that happen, too. Did I take the high road? Can’t remember – I hope I did!

    Those girls are so cute – what I wouldn’t give for a flat tummy and long slender legs like that! What a grandmother – who stays up late and plays goofy games with the kiddos! She’s a trooper!

    And I’m glad it’s not January 2, too! Have a wonderful week – we were at the farm all weekend. I didn’t even do a July 4th post! Dang!

  2. Jerri Ann / Jul 6 2010 9:28 AM

    Hey girl, why did I just now notice your “other” blog. Love it.

    I loved the post just below this one, that was deep and right on target.

  3. Linda Sue / Jul 5 2010 7:59 PM

    Hot waters heaters can be a pesky problem – glad you decided to take the emotional high road and be humbly grateful instead of grumbly hateful (a Chuck Swindoll phrase I just love!) Coconut pound cake is one of my favorites – YUM. It really is better to count our blessings instead of nurse our misery – and hope your 4th was just fantastic.

  4. mary / Jul 3 2010 4:06 PM

    Please let us know how the book is. I probably wouldn’t pick this one up at the library, but it sounds pretty interesting.

    Love the belly dancer. Does she know this picture is on your blog! 😀

  5. Glenda / Jul 3 2010 8:49 AM

    I know you will have a great time inspite of it all! Your game looks like a lot of fun. Love the Marilyn Monroe poses! Still no jelly? I’ll resend some next week. I even sent you my last bottle of homemade vanilla. Boohoo! Maybe someone else got to enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Debbie / Jul 3 2010 6:31 AM

    How did they write a whole book on a woman who refused to talk? You are a saint. I hope I remember you the next time I face such adversity. I’m serious!
    Chicklet Deb

  7. jeanette / Jul 3 2010 4:56 AM

    I like the list of righteous decisions and agree that it’s better than the air conditioning going out! It’s hard to make do without hot water but give me a good blast of cold air anytime (during our miserable summers). Have a wonderful 4th, Debbie!

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