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June 14, 2010 / dcwisdom

Stuck in the Cemetery (Almost)

I love the darker part of twilight.  No matter the season.  I love hearing the crickets and frogs announce the darkness…seeing yellow lights in kitchen windows… spotting the first fireflies against the darkness of the woods. 

Wreath Angel in Scottsville Cemetery

At dusk, Mom and I left my uncle’s house after visiting with him about my cousin who had back surgery, and on the way home decided to visit my dad’s grave.  Mom had this fantastic marker placed there, and it’s a solemn place to sit and ponder the whys and wherefores of life.

Beautiful Bridge at Scottsville Cemetery

We pulled up the drive beside the gravesite.  The site is only a few feet from the drive, and I noticed that someone had placed three parking posts at the edge of the drive.  Since it had been raining all day and the clouds were still dripping, I said to Mom, “Mom, back up a little.  Did you notice the parking posts?”

Mom inched back a few feet and shined her lights on the posts.  (You already know about her inching.)  We sat in the car talking about the posts and Dad’s marker while the clouds dripped.

The Hidden Fountain at Scottsville Cemetery

Then, it was dark. 

Scottsville Cemetery Chapel

Without speaking, Mom started backing the car, inch by inch.  Instead of pulling through and looping around the cemetery, she inched backward.  Nearing the entrance, she turned the back wheels into the soft, wet ground and said, “I hope I don’t get stuck.”

Shifting into drive, the tires spun and spun.  I opened my door, getting myself mentally ready to get my Superwoman tights on, and said,  “Looks like I’ll have to get out and push.”   *haha – yeah right*  I thought, How am I going to get this car pushed out of the mud?  I’m middle-aged and fat and can only push a lawnmower in my Superwoman costume.  Being stuck in a graveyard at dark in the rain is not my idea of fun.

I looked at the tires.  They weren’t stuck or muddy.  I told Mom, “Mom, give it some gas.”   She did, and the car spun right onto the pavement.   Don’t you just love it when things are that simple?!

I told Mom this would have been a fantastic blogging story if we’d been truly stuck.  But, since Debbie at Of His Pasture wanted more pictures of Scottsville Cemetery, I did have this short little story from last night.   It just sort of fit together.  (By the way, my dad is not buried at Scottsville.) 

So, I’m hoping y’all are having a great weekend, friends.  I’m on my way soon  to do some video work. 

See you in the funny papers.



  1. Nola at Alamo North / Jun 14 2010 11:33 PM

    Glad ya’ll made it out of the cemetery! Those photos are beautiful, it looks like a very tranquil place.

  2. Vickie / Jun 14 2010 8:21 AM

    Aw, heck, I thought you were goin to tell us some scary cemetary story! Poot! You got some good pictures there, think I’ve seen ’em before somewhere but can’t remember where… ^_^

    I’m glad y’all didn’t get stuck tho. Alto it would’ve been a funnier story if you did. I’d have paid good money to see ya in your superwoman get-up!

    Hope you have a great week, Gib! V

  3. Debbie / Jun 14 2010 8:03 AM

    I am amazed at the statuary in that cemetery. Works of art! You’ve entertained me again, as usual. But I keep imagining you in that superwoman costume trying to push your mom’s car. Excuse me while I poke out my mind’s eye:)I attended school in Olney, Texas. When I was a freshman in high school, some senior cheer leaders kidnapped me and a couple of my freshman friends and took us outside of town to an old cemetery, poured honey all over us and left us. That was before cell phones. It was a school nite too. We trudged back to town, proud as peacocks to be so highly chosen for hazing. It was so dark, we had to feel the asphalt with our feet to stay on the road to town. Enough of memory lane. Back to the present. Thanks for thinking of me. Prayin’ for Sam!
    Chicklet Deb

  4. Debby Pucci / Jun 14 2010 4:51 AM

    I was thinking that was him cemetery. Glad you didn’t get stuck! Those pictures are beautiful. I really do love a nice cemetery, I should go take pictures someday.
    I wonder if people would be interested in them like I am.

  5. Diana Ferguson / Jun 14 2010 3:55 AM

    Glad things turned out ok! Blessings to you……

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