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May 15, 2010 / dcwisdom

They made it!

In Thailand, it’s almost straight up noon Saturday, being 12 hours ahead of us on the other side of the International Dateline.  The Christ For the Nation’s mission team is having a day of rest for their jet lag, and they will begin their ministry efforts on Sunday.

I’ve grabbed bit and pieces of information from Facebook and other people, namely Emily, and I finally have some solid information from Sam to give you.  He says:

It’s pretty amazing here…It is COMPLETELY different from anything I’ve ever known.  I’m VERY EXTREMELY grateful for America.  Lol!  We flew in to Bangkok a while ago but I was not able to sit down at the airport.  We drove straight to Khon Kaen.  They wanted to get us out of Bangkok because of the civil unrest.  So we are safe and sound here.  We are at a HUGE mall right by our HUGE hotel.  lol!  It’s really nice.  (It was a seven hour drive from Bangkok to Khon Kaen.)

All the ministry starts on Sunday (our time).  Gonna be crazy!

I’m eating at KFC and drinking Pepsi.  They LOVE Pepsi here. 

I will only have internet when I walk over to the mall so I will TRY MY BEST to email you everyday.  (He was talking to Emily here.  Mom may not rate an email everyday.)

Thanks for all your prayers.  I believe that God led them safely away from the riots to begin their exciting job of witnessing about Jesus.  They will be preaching to as many as 2000-3000 people at once.  Wow!  Please pray for the team, their safety and health, for open hearts to hear and accept the Gospel, and a great harvest.

God bless Israel.  God help America.



  1. Paul and Ginger Peterson / May 16 2010 2:17 AM

    Ginger and I love the monthly Christ for the Nations worship! We’ve made the trek from Tyler to Dallas many times monthly. We will definitely be praying for the mission team! It is wonderful to see people going out and running the race.

    Paul and Ginger

  2. Stacey at Living by Faith / May 15 2010 10:17 PM

    I am doing a little laundry, praying for Sam and the team, and had to come on over to see if you had an update. Alleluia! Great news! I will keep praying.

    I think Sam making this choice is a great testimony to your relationship with God, all your hard work as a mom, and raising him to know our Lord. Awesome!

  3. Debby Pucci / May 15 2010 9:40 PM

    That is wonderful news. KFC! I will continue to pray for their safety and the hearts that they touch.

  4. Patty / May 15 2010 7:25 PM

    Glad to hear that they are safe. Will be praying for their safe journey. Praying they bring more to Christ.

  5. Diana Ferguson / May 15 2010 7:22 PM

    My brother is living over near there!!!

  6. Mary Humphrey / May 15 2010 5:15 PM

    My prayers are being said. I hope the mission continues safely, and that they are able to bring some souls into accepting God’s word.

    Congratulations on the engagement. Surprise, surprise, momma! I loved the grin on your son’s face. 🙂

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