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May 15, 2010 / dcwisdom

More News and a New Friend

On second thought, I’d like to introduce a NEW FRIEND first:

~ Check out ~

Darlene Schacht

She blogs “WritingFUNdamentals,” a cute, informative blog on writing.  This woman is a writing genius! and very creative with her tips and ideas.   I am following Darlene’s blog and using her tips to impart all my goofyness to you.   And, let me suggest to you that if you are a blogger, you are a writer, or, at least, an aspiring one!   I’m inviting you to keep your eye on her.

My God-lovin' Son Sam

Ok.  Now for news from Thailand.  Sam wrote me from Facebook:

Hey there mother!  (He always calls me ‘mother.’)  I have been emailing you.  We are in Khon Kaen.   All the violence is in Bangkok.  One you get out of Bangkok, it is safe.  We are about 6-7 hours outside Bangkok so we are safe.  Not only that, but they aren’t worried about Americans.  They know we don’t know anything about their situation and we don’t really care.  They aren’t worried about us.  We are fine and are in NO DANGER!  Trust me!  Things are going good.  Today was just a planning day and some prep for the churches that we are ministering at tomorrow.  Then we are headed to ____ Monday and Tuesday.  Then back to Khon Kaen.  Please keep praying!  Lots of cool stuff happening!

And from email:

Mother, I have been sending emails!   Maybe I had the wrong address or something.  I can’t tell you everything over the internet because it’s all monitored.  But we are staying in the Thai Princess Hotel in Khon Kaen, Thailand.  It’s a very nice hotel that is “expensive.”  Cheap to us though.  We can go eat out with 20 people at a sit down restaurant and pay $70, refills cost though and water is not free.  You have to put your hands together and bow at everyone.  American restaurants in Asia are so much better than in America.  You can buy a moped for $300.  There are miniature Buddhist temple thingys at EVERY house and building.  Everyone is polite.  Pepsi seems to be the soda of choice.  (Grandad would like it here.)  You don’t have to worry about being mobbed.  Most places don’t have A/C.  Everyone is always on time here…if not early.  So there are A LOT of things that are different here.  Today is kinda our off day.  We just did some preparing and planning for the church services that we are going to minister to.  And then we’re about to go eat…again…Lol!  We are doing good!  Nothing to worry about.  We are all here safe and sound and we are all healthy.  Thanks for the prayers.  I love you all!

Ok, now I can breathe. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  

God bless Israel.  God help America. 



  1. Laura / May 17 2010 9:16 AM

    I just love how Sam wrote this LOL. You can tell he new exactly what you needed to hear. Hugs Still praying.

  2. Patty / May 16 2010 10:11 PM

    Debbie: You need to see the website (In)Courage. Really goes along with what your son is doing. Patty

  3. Paul and Ginger Peterson / May 16 2010 9:24 PM

    God is good! I had to be prodded to start blogging because I was told about my writing. Your encouragement for your new friend means more than you may never know, it did for me! I’m so happy to see that people are heeding the call and preaching the Good News of Christ! I have a wonderful mother to and Ginger does too. It is my belief that I’m where I’m at today because of my mother’s prayers. So keep praying for Sam, God has a special ear for mother’s…

  4. bruce / May 16 2010 3:48 PM

    Everyone is on time here? Yea, but Thai time.
    If, by “on time” you mean the same day as promised…
    you have been lucky, indeed.


  5. jeanette / May 16 2010 2:24 AM

    God bless them all for carrying the word of our Savior to such a needy land! My prayers are with them, Debbie.

  6. nola at alamo north / May 16 2010 12:44 AM

    Glad your son is safe! I’ll go over and check out that blogsite now. Have a great weekend.

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