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May 4, 2010 / dcwisdom

She was robbed!

Hey, all you goofy kids out there!¬† ūüôā¬†

Yes, I took a little time off this weekend from the world-wide web.  Actually, I worked my paying job Friday and Sunday afternoon.  Saturday, Rick and I worked at renovation house putting in more water lines.  He and I are close to having that DIY plumbing project finished.  Eager to move on to others.  I hope you all had a good weekend.  What did you do? 

While driving the back roads Saturday, Rick and I found this little sign.¬† I just love it!¬† So country.¬†¬†One dollar is¬†a bargain for a dozen fresh¬†eggs.¬† Think I’ll stop by some day.¬†

Fresh Eggs

I was doing some spring cleaning on my back porch the other day and found this: 

Birdy Eggs

Look at this beautiful, little nest!¬†¬†I don’t know what kind of bird she was, but maybe one of you does.¬† Beautiful, little, red-speckled eggs.¬† It was my plan to photograph it each day and see the little bitty birdies peck through their pretty little shells, to watch them with their little bitty mouths open, ready for sweet little¬†Mama to feed them, to watch them hop from the box-nest¬†and fly.¬†

And yesterday, I went out to take their little bitty sweet picture and discovered…¬†

She was robbed!

…the little mommy was robbed!¬† So sad.¬† Whatever¬†gobbled the eggs possibly¬†gobbled the mom, too.¬† Probably raccoons,¬†that’s what I’m thinkin’.¬†

In thinking about baby birds (uh oh here she goes…), I want to say that I heard an oh-so-strange tv interview last week.¬† There are some real scatterbrains out there rearing children.¬† This woman¬†being interviewed¬†didn’t seem to be a mom that wanted to take full-child-rearing-responsibility for her offspring.¬† The interview was about her wanting¬†the government to regulate the fast food business in serving unhealthy foods to children, pointedly McDonald’s.¬†

Some, in my opinion, offbeat comments (non-verbatim) were: 

  • It’s the government’s responsibility to regulate what our children eat at these restaurants.
  • Have you ever met a kid who wants to be fat?¬† sick?
  • The community has spoken.
  • We have to say ‘no’ dozens of times a day to our kids…
  • Have you heard of the ‘nag factor?’
  • Fast food restaurants need to be government mandated…
  • Children deserve special protection from the government.

Lord, have mercy.¬† I always thought I was the one responsible for my kids.¬† What government mandate?¬† What about taking responsibility for your own children?¬† I thought that’s what parents are for!¬†

My community hasn’t said nothin’.¬†¬†No one seems to have a problem with children eating at McDonald’s.¬† The kids have choices there – apple slices, yogurt, bananas, milk.¬† What’s the big problem?¬† For heaven’s sake, don’t take them to McDonald’s if you don’t like the menu!¬†

Yeah, I’ve heard of the ‘nag factor’, and I’m a good¬†nag¬†factorer.¬† Aren’t all good mamas?¬†¬†(All you ‘concerned’ people please don’t beat me over the head with¬†the proper¬†proverb.¬† I already know it.)¬† I said ‘no’ plenty of times to my kids, and they aren’t scarred for life.¬† I also spanked Kid #3¬† Jeremiah¬†on his bottom¬†three separate¬†times one day when he was a little toot.¬† He’s still a toot, but¬†he’s probably one of the most well-adjusted¬†toots ever.¬†

CHILDREN DESERVE SPECIAL PROTECTION BY THEIR PARENTS.   Whether some parents are good or not, children still deserve good care and protection, but the government-nanny should never usurp the role of a parent, heaven forbid.  Disastrous!

I am not tooting my own horn here, and I know that many of you have done the same for others’ children, but over the years¬†I have ‘adopted’ a fair share of kids that are not from my womb but¬†who certainly have a place¬†in my heart.¬† Just like¬†Michael Oher¬†in “The Blind Side,” there are many kids who need someone who cares.

I am not sure who said this:¬† “Prepare the child for the path – not the path for the child.”¬† That’s good, healthy¬†food for thought.¬†

If this has been a encouraging post for you, please let me know.

Y’all have a wonderful week.



  1. Artswebshow / May 4 2010 4:20 PM

    I actually find this woman laughable.
    i dont have kids. lol.
    but if i did you can be sure they would eat fresh simple wholesome foods,
    it is a parents responsibility to do that

  2. Glenda / May 4 2010 3:39 PM

    Thanks for a great post, Debbie! It’s absurd to think that the government should have that much control in our lives and also scary!
    But, some people in our country are already doing this. If they’re on government aid (welfare) they are sending their child to school each morning to eat a free, government issued breakfast and lunch. Then, they bring their child home to eat what they purchased with food stamps (and the government has placed restrictions on what foods can be purchased with these). So, I guess governing fast food would seem normal to some. Just one more way of “big brother” watching out for them!
    I think our biggest responsibility is to raise our children to be intelligent, self-sufficient individuals who rely on their own resources, not the government’s, to meet their needs. We must teach that freedom to make our own choices is important to a healthy, prosperous society. And yes, we may have to nag a little to get this done!

  3. Gay Vaughan / May 4 2010 1:31 PM

    Hey Debbie,
    We are going to have to exchange emails…these comments are getting long! lol

    First, you will have to explain the EODD…I am a little slow sometimes, well maybe all the time. I am not sure what that means.

    Second, what? We missed each other? I can’t believe we came So close to actually meeting and I didn’t even know it. We were originally scheduled for pics on Friday and changed so we could go to the PG Spring Show to see friends. So at least now I know who you work for!!

    Last, you may not have been able to see me Friday anyway because I was walking in the clouds praising God! My CT and PET scans were clear, meaning the melanoma hasn’t spread anywhere else! God is good! We were praising all weekend. Prayers are still very much needed as I go today to schedule the second surgery to remove the additional affected nodes and then I still have a year of interferon treatments ahead of me…but now there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. Prayer is very powerful and I am thankful to all that are praying.

    See what I mean about comments…this is like a novel!

    Have a great day and btw…loved this post.

  4. Debbie / May 4 2010 1:26 PM

    Which is scarier; the parent who says it’s the governments’ job to be responsible for our kids or the government who hears and believes the people have spoken. You are 100% right, but the current administration is depending on the votes of people like that to keep them in office and will continue to give them what they want along with healthy entitlements. Meanwhile, we parents who insist on doing it right will pay their bills and raise the next generation of workers who will support their fat kids!

  5. Anonymous / May 4 2010 1:05 PM

    I just want to say that I love this post, and I also love the writer!

    You are an AWESOME MOM!!!

    I was told “no” and I got my fair share of spankings and I think that I turned out fine.

    Thanks for loving me like one of your own. You will always have a special place in my heart.


  6. Deb / May 4 2010 12:16 PM

    I’m with you girl….No means No….more parents should learn that…and I don’t know how taking the toy out of the happy meal will make kids thinner…

  7. Nola at Alamo North / May 4 2010 12:13 PM

    Of course, that same mother, as soon as the government does something not to her liking, will be mouthing off how the government shouldn’t be getting into her personal life!
    And while I’m on the soapbox, it DOES NOT take a village to raise a child, it takes TWO PARENTS! I’m done now, thanks…

  8. Diana Ferguson / May 4 2010 11:53 AM

    Enjoyed a great post!!

  9. tanna / May 4 2010 11:49 AM

    Girl, if they gave us a pair of soapboxes… I sooooooooooo agreee with you. Seems people want to abdicate their lives and any sort of accountability to the “government”. Heaven help us. There is a great post on my friend Christine’s blog, Vista Woman that kind of fits right in with the fact that we live in the lives we create! Create a good one, people! Create your own, not one “handed” to you by someone else! Deep breath. Sigh. Okay, I’m going to climb off my soapbox for this moment. LOL. Good post, Debbie.

  10. Patty / May 4 2010 4:17 AM

    Good food for thought. Never knew the government was supose to raise my kid either or protect them from fast food places….do mean I got all them there gray hairs for nothing…someone else could have told my child “no” for me??? Wow! I spanked my son for nothing? The government could have done that for me also? Wow!

    Thanks for reminding us all that God is still in control. Ilove your post.

  11. Cheryl L / May 4 2010 3:25 AM

    Thanks for the common sense thoughts you always post! In this day and age of “entitlements” and a president who wants to eventually control every aspect of our lives it is so refreshing to know there are women all across this country who share my thoughts.

    I spanked my kids, too. Not often, but because I did, on occasion, and they understood I was the mother and not their “best friend” well, those occasions were fairly rare. Today, I have two great adult sons who have wisely chosen wonderful Christian wives. I am blessed.

    Thanks for not being ashamed to share your love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone who is a believer needs to open their Bible and dig in. We are in an unbelievable age where we need to hide the word of God in our hearts! Things, they are a-changin’ and not for the better it seems……but HE is still in control!!!

    Blessings on you as you continue to blog! I love your posts!

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