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February 28, 2010 / dcwisdom

Local Talent

Mary and I drove to the neighboring town tonight for a bit of local entertainment.   The elementary and junior high students performed their many talents – plenty of music, dancing, singing, and acting.  Lovely.

These photos were the first opportunity in this type of venue that I’ve used the manual settings without the flash.   Not too bad, huh? 

(NOTE:  I was sitting up very straight; Mary wouldn’t let me stand up to take pictures. 
Too embarrassing for her.   *sigh*   Are mothers ever loosed from their older daughters’ scorning?   I’ll say that my boys are much less uptight about my ‘craziness.’)

I loved this little girl.  She was part of three (I think) different acts and was poised and dramatic.  And also beautiful.

This is my cute friend Aaron who is a pro-videographer.  He was maybe 20 feet away from me, and I was turned around in my chair, playing with my settings.  I didn’t know he was watching me, couldn’t see him well in the dark, and wasn’t wearing my glasses.  I wonder what he would think if he knew that his picture is on this post.   I will have to tell his equally-cute little wife.  She’s a young, fantastic pro-photographer who takes the BEST baby pictures in the world.
Mary and I left at intermission, much to her chagrin.  I was hungry and tired from doing a lot of nothing all day. 
Well, actually, this morning Mary and I ran to Beall’s to look for a black jacket, to the hardward store where I knew they don’t sell black jackets, and to Wal-Mart where I found a black jacket, and then attended a wedding shower this afternoon for our friend Starla where I didn’t wear the black jacket after all. 
Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?! 
Thanks for letting me experiment on you with my camera.  I’m learning, slowly but surely.  It’s an awful lot of fun.  I welcome any and all comments for camera education.  Thanks.
An episode of Chuck is on, so I guess I’ll join Mary and Rick for another fun-filled Saturday evening figuring out yet another hilarious murder mystery.
See y’all in the funny papers.