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February 19, 2010 / dcwisdom

Things Passed Down

Me?  I’ve never been a super materialistic person.  I do love books and good music and junk jewelry and old pictures; my husband would say I like shoes, but, no, just to go shoe shopping, that’s not me. 

The things I really like are passed to me from my husband, children, relatives, and friends.
Like my new swing.  Rick bought the swing online from here.   (If this word is not highlighted, click on the word ‘here.’)

In the last few years, my mom has been on a quilting spree and has made dozens of quilts for her children and grandchildren.

My granny quilted this nine-patch probably back in the 1950’s, I’m guessing.  (It’s a good day to air out the quilts!)

This picture was given to us as a Christmas present from Cyndy and Joey.  I like this description of faith.

Salt glass is from Rick’s grandmother via my mother-in-law, and the chicken and rooster sat on my grandmother’s kitchen shelf all my life.  Mom says that she was very young when she gave them to Grandmother as a gift.

Tell me about some things in your life that you particularly like.   Whatever it is, I promised, I won’t laugh.  🙂

Have a very wonderful day!