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February 12, 2010 / dcwisdom

Jake and Now You Can Say It

Aunt Debbie kept little twin Jake the last two days.  His big brother, Walt, was hospitalized, and Jake came to stay with me.   The guys are four weeks old now.  Unbelieveable.

Little Precious was not happy unless there was a bottle attached to his mouth.  Plus, he missed his big brother; he kept screaming, “Waaaaaaalllt! Waaaaaaaalllt!” 
Totally reminded me of why God gives babies to young couples. 
There’s a little bell in the ear drums of my old person head, and when baby hits those certain decibels, that little bell ringsringsringsringsringsrings…SCREAMIN’ RINGIN’!  I already know now that when I have grandchildren, I am going straight to Freight Warehouse for a box of ear plugs.  I think that might help with the bells.
Finally…Isn’t that just the sweetest little face. 
I delivered little Jake to his mom and brother this morning.   On my way home, I grabbed a few pictures at the restoration house of the beautiful snow.
Ok, you can say it now.  I can hear you across the miles.  “Hahaha!” (Especially you, Chicklet!)  Not to worry, however; this snow will be gone by Sunday.
The woods were so quiet.
Can you pick out the critters in the shed?  Two young calves sought shelter from the storm.
(I can see my camera was focused on the barbed wire — my bad.)
Mary made the snow angel.  Millie and Bella helped.
Look out for the poles! 
Mary and Millie with friend Frosty
Gotta love the pink boots!

That’s some cold love.
Sending some Texas warmth your way.