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February 7, 2010 / dcwisdom

A Three Dog Night

These nights have been a little nippage down here in my corner. 

Understand, I’m glad.  I’m glad it will kill back the stupid fire ants, for one thing.  If you asked me if I’d rather have my toe nails yanked off or stand in a bed of fire ants for ten seconds, that would be a hard one.  Let’s see:  toe nails or ant bites…  That’s a tough one.

Actually, I wanted to show you some pictures I took of Millie and Bella this morning.  This cool temperature had them feeling fiesty.

Brin will love this picture of Millie.
Get her, Bells!
Millie will not let go of that squeaky toy, which irritates Bella.
Gimme that thing, you brown dog!
Hey, don’t turn your back on me.  Hey, come back here!
I’m yelling, “Get her, Bells!  Go get her!”
She turned around and prissed her little bottom over to me
and jumped on my lap for a nap.
Little stinker.
P.S.  I have a retraction to make regarding the “What’s In A Name” post.  Governor James Hogg only had one daughter, Ima, which I stated he had three.  In the comment section, I stated that my daddy used to tell us about Ima, Youra, and Wera, but it was all in fun.  My apologies.
 Have an excellent weekend.  See you in the funny papers.