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February 1, 2010 / dcwisdom

Playing With Angels

Don’t let these angelic faces kid you!

Between church and lunch, these guys hammed it up!
Hear no evil.  Speak no evil.  See no evil. 
It’s a trick.
Trick #1.  Rodney
Trick #2.  Chris
Trick #3.  Jeremiah
See the pain in Chris’ face.
Enter the little sister.  Isn’t this every young girl’s dream? 
To play with big brother and his friends?
Uh-huh!  she says.  This is fun!
Angels playing leap frog…in dress clothes, no less…
…adding some gymnastic tricks…
…and getting a little artistic…
…and enter little sister…again…
Come on Chris!  You can do it!
And little sister gets the lift.  That was special.
After a fantastic lunch of Mexican chicken and banana pudding with Grandmother
and before hitting the books,  we opted for a calm game of ‘spoons.’
Those young spoon players took out us old women first. 
We got no respect.
Then it got a bit rowdy.
A challenge for the last spoon ensued.  The angels are going at it.
It went to the floor.
Oh, it got really dirty.
Fighting tooth and nail…for a spoon!
Victory at last!  for a spoon…
Look at the excitement!  You’da thunk it was a gold medal.
But, alas, it was only for two kisses from old women who lost out early.
Somehow, I don’t think the angel minded.  A kiss is a kiss. 
Just don’t mention it to his girlfriend.
I was his first girlfriend.
Just sayin’.
See y’all in the funny papers.