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January 31, 2010 / dcwisdom

At the Edge of the Wood

I reside at the edge of the wood.  I like it. 

Yes, we are all cramped here and have to sleep side by side with AC in the winter and heat in the summer, but we’ve made it and successfully raised five kids living like this.   Well, none of us is exactly ‘normal.’ 
~ haha ~

Actually, this was Defenbacher’s dog house when he was alive.  Our best-bud German Shepherd passed away several years ago, and we’ve never moved his house.  The steel poles are cemented into old tires for a volleyball net.  Before our big, fancy family center was built at the church, the kids would come here to play volleyball once or twice a week.  I miss those kids.

On my morning walk, there was a convention of pigeons, as usual, on the electric wires. 

The flock is my neighbor’s “pets.”  Some years back, she began feeding a handful of pigeons each morning.

The birds fly in to her place about dawn each day and expect the full meal deal.
Around four in the afternoon, they all beat it back to town.
Their family and friends have increased to 70, give or take a few.

It has always amazed me how birds teeter-totter on small wires
or that there aren’t more fried fat pigeons and ugly turkey vultures around here.
It actually took me several minutes and a good zoom lens to get these pictures, having to zigzag my way toward the pole, moving very slowly and not looking up.
You know, pigeons on wires don’t like eye contact.