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January 25, 2010 / dcwisdom

Right Around the Corner

Nature lovers, it’s time (in Texas) to get those hands dirty.  Time to dig.  Plant trees.  Bushes.  Bulbs.  Spring is right around the corner.

34 loves to plant trees.  This weekend, he planted over half of the 50 tree seedlings he mail-ordered from the nursery.  First, he planted the dogwoods; he loves dogwoods.  Then, he planted a good many of the pawpaw trees. 
Pawpaws, he says, are the only native fruit trees to Texas; however, with the forestry industry forging into the beautiful pineywoods of northeast/east Texas in the past forty years, the pawpaw trees, along with other native plants, were cleared for the planting of pines and hardwoods for the burgeoning number of paper mills popping up in the South.  It is, indeed, rare to find a wild pawpaw tree growing in these here parts.  Hence, the comeback of the pawpaw trees planted by simple landowners.  
Even after several years of owning this property, we are still finding all sorts of junk scattered about under leaves and soil.   Gosh, have we dug up the junk!
Look!  The first sign of the coming spring is here!
The greatest thing about growing herbs is even I can’t kill them!
spearmint and chocolate mint…
I thinned out this bed of mint in November, but not to worry.
Mint is invasive and comes back with a vengance.
If anyone wants a cutting, I’ll share.  Leave me a comment.
Wild garlic has come up in the pasture.
The tulip tree has velvet buds guarding lavendar flowers.
The promise of spring, just around the corner.