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January 24, 2010 / dcwisdom

Great Day for Cooking

Gray, windy, a little bit nippy…a good day for cooking and planting trees. 

While 34 is at the renovation house planting pawpaw trees and flowering dogwoods, I’m doing his laundry for next week and puttering in the kitchen.

The girls, up at noon, decided to make pancakes.  A couple of budding chefs, here…

…who need a lot of practice.
My cooking project for the day is shrimp gumbo, which starts with roux
(pronounced ‘rue’) and water.

  Looks gross, but let’s continue. 
I know plenty of folks who make their own roux,
but I buy mine at the local grocery.
There’s a gumbo recipe on the jar.
I add as much of these ingredients as I want – bell pepper, onion, garlic,
celery, crushed Italian tomatos.   Chop all these veggies and add to roux. 
I do not follow a specific recipe on gumbo.  Just whatever looks good to me.
And, it comes out like this:
Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! 
Ok, well, maybe not.
Since the gumbo is well away from being ready and presentable,
I’ll just tell you the rest.
Sprinkle a fair amount (probably 1 tablespoon) of
 Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning into the mixture.
Cook the roux/vegetable mixture for two hours on low temperature.
Increase temperature to medium high, and add
 frozen sliced okra (no specific amount) and cook until the okra is soft.
Then, incorporate thawed, shelled, deveined shrimp.
Cook until the shrimp is pink in color.
(If you buy the shrimp pre-cooked, heat thoroughly in the mixture.)
You could also use pulled cooked chicken or crab meat.
Serve gumbo over a good bed of dirty rice.
(The actual dirty rice recipe is very involved, so I just buy the boxed version.)
Serves 4 to 6.
Need to go out and check on 34 and the tree planting process.
See you in the funny papers.