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January 15, 2010 / dcwisdom

The Last Two Grandchildren = 18!

Yesterday, the last two grandchildren were born.   Queen Mother and I made a flying trip to Dallas to welcome my littlest nephews into the world.

Walt and Jake

My Kid #4 Sam came to celebrate between college classes and the part-time job at On The Border.   Sam is handling his tiny cousin, the husky Walt, weighing in at 4 pounds/14 ounces.   Queen Mother is drooling over her last grandchild, the lithe Jake, coming in at 4 pounds/8 ounces.

My middle sister, who is 50, delivered these two beautiful boys.   No comment.

Let’s take a head count:

5 Nieces (Jamie, Caroline, Nikki, Megan, Kelly)
6 Nephews  (Kyle, Kel, Drew, Steve, Pete, Aaron)
2 New Little Nephews  (Walt, Jake)
5 Little Wizzies  (Big Chista, Rooster, Rodriguez, Bobcat, Buglet)

which equals

18 GRANDCHILDREN – not mine, but Queen Mother’s.

Congratulations, Mom!  You’ve done a fine job.

Twice as nice?  How about twice the money, twice the clothes, twice the diapers… 
All I can say is “God be with you, dear sister.”  Maybe she should have adopted a couple of dogs…
Freak out!!!