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January 10, 2010 / dcwisdom

One Cold Saturday Morning…

This was one freakishly cold morning.  I know; I’m a wimp.  But, you have to understand.  Anything below 32 degrees here is freakishly cold.  I cannot remember the temps ever dipping to 13 degrees.  Actually, it was 12 at daybreak.   Brrrrrrrrr… shivershiver

I was on my way to the gun range to take my handgun license test and saw just how cold cold looks like around here.  Thankfully, we’ve had no precipitation to accompany the frigid temps.

In these parts, we rarely see ice formed on ponds.  Holy phenomenon, Batman!
Even Jackson thought it was cold and was bellyaching when I stepped out of my car.
Bob and John were two of my sharp-shooting buddies.  
I outshot all but one man.  I was the only woman.
Had a score of 244 out of 250.
And I was dressed for bear!  Or as a bear!  And I was called a bear!
Ok, ladies.  I want to say that learning to use a handgun properly is NOT difficult.  Education and practice also takes out the scare factor.   Very much like learning Lamaze before giving birth.   The key is finding a good licensing agent, like the guys at Shadow Creek Shootist in Bloomburg, Texas, who make the procedure very simple.  It would be worth a Saturday drive for those of you in NETexas.  Contact Paul or John at
for future classes.
Texas is looking to have 2 million licensed concealed handgun owners.  All you Texas girls step up to the plate.  Be brave.  Go for it.  If you have any questions, you know where I am.
See you in the funny papers.